Jain Heritage Walk


 If you love heritage and would love to explore some more of Ahmedabad’s heritage, there is a reason to be happy. Last weekend, Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) and City Heritage Centre launched the “Jain Heritage Walk” in Ahmedabad, which will take visitors to unexplored 33 Jain sites in the walled city!

 This unique walk is around 2 kms, which takes about two hours and is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday. The walk is designed to begin from the City Heritage Centre located in Sankhdi Sheri and goes through Jain temples such as Vasupujya Derasar, Shantinath Derasar and concludes at the Shamla Parshavnath Derasar in Lambeshwar ni Pol. Each of these 33 Jain sites not only are architectural marvels in their own respect – some with wooden carvings, others with engraved marble; but they are also packed with fascinating stories of how they were built and how they have survived all these years. This walk is like time travel as some monuments are 100 years old whereas some are as ancient as 450 years old!

 You don’t need to be religious to understand the importance of this heritage walk. It is more about understanding the thriving Jain culture within the walled city and appreciating the beauty of these century old Jain monuments. Also, it is an impressive step that may take Ahmedabad a step closer in bidding for a UNESCO world Heritage City status.

 So when are you putting on your explorer shoes to discover this unexplored Jain paradise?




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