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 Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family. It’s a really simply method for sharing photos with the world.

 If you love Ahmedabad and are active on Instagram, there are a few exciting things for you.

 Instagram profile – instagram_ahmedabad is a virtual identity for Instagramers in Ahmedabad City. They have created a fresh new hash tag #zaika_ahmedabad. This new hash tag encourages Instagramers from Ahmedabad to click food pictures and upload them. Ahmedabad is famous for the numerous food options it offers and this project is initiated to inspire some gorgeous food photography. Your image can represent the “zaika” in any way you want. If you want your photograph to be featured by instagram_ahmedabad, follow these 3 simple rules:


  1. Tag your zaika image with #zaika_ahmedabad (please note, if your profile is set to private, it is probable that we will not see it). 
  2. On your first challenge post (i.e. just once for the first time), nominate at least two friends for the challenge – and tell them to visit @instagram_ahmedabad for the rules!! It raises the profile of the challenge and ensures other users have read the rules rather than wasting their time on posts that do not qualify.
  3. Please only add the hash tag and only submit your own photographs to the project. Any image taken then tagged over the fortnight is eligible to be featured on instagram_ahmedabad account on March 24, Sunday morning!


To know more about this project, you should follow instagram_ahmedabad.

 The second interesting project we came across on instagram is Ahmedabad Objectified. Ahmedabad Objectified is an experiment in collective and interactive street art in Ahmedabad using various platforms of social media as a medium of creating collective public art. They have painted headphones across different locations in Ahmedabad. All you have to do is spot one of their headphones, click a picture of yourself and upload it on Instagram or their Facebook page. Use the hash tag #ahmobj or tag them at @ahmobj. To know more about this project, you should follow ahmobj.

 So, Instagramers from Ahmedabad, start clicking and sharing! Here’s your chance to make Ahmedabad popular on Instagram!



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