Infibeam powers Helpthemshine online store |

Infibeam powers Helpthemshine online store, a leading e-commerce company based out of  Ahmedabad is providing cloud based technology platform to other brands to start their online store. Helpthemshine is one such venture.

Helpthemshine, dealing in internationally researched therapy items for children suffering from Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, behavior and other developmental issues, opened its online store  to cater to the needs of children / parents in India, who are encountering the challenges while bringing up such children. Families of these children who struggle to find and get what is needed to help their children reach fullest growth potential can now collect information about various therapy items options based on their need and can order online and get delivered at any part of India. The store is hosted over BuildaBazaar a cloud based technology platform from which offers retail store to build online store supported by secured payment gateway, logistics and promotional tools.

The online store is devoted towards building a pathway to independence for children with Autism, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, behavioral and other developmental issues by making available globally acknowledged products/toys required by these children to help them grow and gain power to acclimate themselves and develop to their fullest potential. It is the first time in India, wherein a website brings solution for families battling to obtain internationally researched therapy items, aids, toys, supplements and supplies required for children to face challenges, that too at moderate cost.

Through the online store the company will be able to keep its operations very lean to ensure operating costs are bare minimum to get these products to customers at an affordable price. The company is absolutely sure that you will be satisfied with the products, hence it offers conditional money back guarantee.

Infibeam powers Helpthemshine online store |

Infibeam powers Helpthemshine online store |

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