India Panics – Acid Attacks!

Such a pity on moral values it is. In the country where a woman is considered to be the implicit of goddess Lakshmi, she is not free to choose a life for her own. Every day she has to face the challenges of physical assault, harassments, violence, acid attacks, emotional attacks and many more problems.

A 37 years old woman from Ongole lost her vision after an acid attack on her face. She lost her husband few years ago and is the mother of three kids.

With the passing time she had an affair with the guy named P Rama Rao. One day she denied continuing with the relationship and in the rage that guy threw acid on her, leaving her blind forever and injuries on stomach as well as legs.

Second is the case of a girl Inderjeet Kaur from Morinda, Punjab. “I feel ashamed to be born in India. Had I been born is the US or some other country, such a thing would have never happened” Says Inderjeet the victim of the acid attack, she does not even know who did it and what the intentions were.

She has gone through six major injuries and is still fighting for her life. She has lost one of her eyes and tried to commit suicide two times after the incident. Her last hope is the court of Justice.

Third is a 23 years old girl from Karaikal, Puducherry. Who was going to the bus stand along with her father to return back to Chennai? There a 24 old guy who had one sided love for her threw acid on her and fled away. The girl is having severe injury on her face and is going through treatment in Chennai.

There are many more cases of Acid attacks. Such insane people should be hanged till death.What a shame it is and a slap on the face of those politicians who says that they are focusing on gender equality and a developed nation.

This is how our nation is getting developed? This is how women empowerment system works? India needs to wake up big time!

Article Contribution : Tulika Singhal








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