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In conversation with Kavya Agrawal

We live in a digital age, yet I can’t help myself from hoarding onto some gorgeous stationery – handbound books, fancy ink pens, interesting calendars and what not! That’s why when I first stumbled upon Kaagazi – a collaborative of book artists based in Ahmedabad, I literally fell in love with their collection. 

Kaagazi by Kavya Agrawal
Kaagazi by Kavya Agrawal

Kaagazi is the brainchild of Kavya Agrawal, who developed Kaagazi as a result of her classroom project at NID in 2011. The brief for the project was to create and execute a brand based on her life plan. For Kaagazi founder Kavya, books have always been her best friends since childhood. She says, “My personal collection ranges over 10,000 books on various topics, as I grew up I started realising that having a good vocabulary, writing skills and expression gave me a competitive edge as a communication designer. I wanted to create similar blank canvases for people that allow them to reflect, observe, build their skills, and emote… hence handmade books.”

Founder Kavya Agrawal with a brand ambassador at an exhibition
Founder Kavya Agrawal with a brand ambassador at an exhibition

Branding her initiative was easy for this Graphic Design graduate. She essentially wanted the brand name to be an Indian name that is recognisable instantly. Moreover, she wanted it to sound poetic and start with the letter K. Thus the project was given the name of Kaagazi!

If you are a stationery enthusiast, you will soon realise that Kaagazi’s handbound collection of creative notebooks, sketchbooks and journals are the first of its kind. The products are exclusively designed and completely handmade. Kavya adds, “Each Kaagazi book has a personality of its own, they are aesthetically pleasing and serve various purposes and functionalities with their different binding structures. Since they are handmade, these books are customisable in any quantity and to any extent for individuals and organisations.”

Kaagazi's fantastic product range
Kaagazi’s fantastic product range

The present product range that Kaagazi offers includes casebound books, thematic journals, craft books, textured sketchbooks, leather journals, upcycled tetrapack books, calendars and much more. Each of these products is impressive and extremely hard to resist. Kaagazi products are available in Ahmedabad at NIDUS, Paldi and at Artisans Cottage, Navrangpura.

Kaagazi's handcrafted  Leather notebooks
Kaagazi’s handcrafted Leather notebooks
Notebooks with tie and dye technique cover
Notebooks with tie and dye technique cover

It is really interesting to see a Kanpur girl establish her business in Ahmedabad. We asked Kavya if Ahmedabad as a city ever facilitated Kaagazi in any way, and she quickly responded saying, “Ahmedabad with its variety of materials, entrepreneurial spirit and enterprising people was the perfect start for Kaagazi. I don’t think it could have been any other city!”

She signs off giving advice to buddy entrepreneurs, “It doesn’t get any better than this! Make the most of this enterprising city and its wonderful crowd”

We wish Kavya and Kaagazi the very best for the future!


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