IIMA Chaos (2012-13)

This December is definitely going to be a ’chaotic moment’ for Ahmedabad .  Ahmedabad will meet up with the big names in ‘Chaos 2012’, IIMA’s festival, starting from Thursday. Celebrations will run across four days at the premier institute’s campus.

Every year, Chaos is scheduled for January end , but this year IIMA will conduct it from December 20-23rd so that the students can focus on placements. IIMA expects participation of 12000 students from 35 countries in 45 events & a footfall of 70,000 people for the festival. Yeah indeed a  very big number.

The festival will feature AmbiSubramaniam, Amaan Ali Khanand Ayaan Ali Khan for the Classical Night, while famous rock bands like High on Maiden and Inner Sanctum will be performing on Pro-Night. Well known music director duo Vishal and Shekhar will strike their chords on the Bollywood night. Melodious fusion of western and Indian foot tapping numbers ‘SYNCHRONICITY’ will be performed by Gaurav Dagoankar.

The 4-day fest will also have events like Pot Pourri where the participants can guess movie names using different clues , names of personalities & play Pictionary. The theme for the Fashion Parade event is  “ Where dreams become reality & reality is a distant thought.” As many as 12,000 participants are supposed to take part in Chaos and a breathtaking 70,000 footfall during the four days from 5 continents, 35 countries to take part in 45 events.

However, this year traffic will be a major problem around the campus with a new flyover being constructed. At present only a narrow portion of the road is available for the vehicles. But when has traffic stopped Amdavadis from anything .

Amdavadis will rock the with Chaos, chaos will happen in the true meaning of the word.


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IIM Ahmedabad Chaos 2012-2013

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