Hyper Expo 2013 (Gandhinagar)

If you think that the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013 is only about key sectors such as Engineering and Automobiles, Oil & Gas, Energy & Power, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Financial Services, IT etc then you are mistaken.

Head straight to the Hyper Expo zone at Pavilion 4D at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show 2013, which is organized by Devang Patel Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. along with the Government of Gujarat from 8th January 2013 to 13th January 2013.

 The Hyper Expo is an interesting zone featuring businesses from the entertainment, leisure & lifestyle sector and is open to business investors as well as general visitors! The Hyper Expo features segments such as Health & Fitness, Art, Spas and Resorts, Sports and Recreation, Fashion, Yachting, Electronics & telecommunications, Entertainment, Wellness Clubs, Spiritual & wedding. It is for the first time that these sectors have been highlighted at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show.

 What this expo aims to do is provide visitors with an extravagant mall size experience. The expo is going to include various other activities such as live concerts, stand up comedy platforms, interactive fashion show, limelight launch pad etc.

 Every year the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show becomes bigger and with the Hyper Expo zone it is definitely better!



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