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Have you tried Kutchi King Dabeli?

Kutchi King is a famous choice among youngsters, especially collegians. A pocket-friendly outlet, Kutchi King gives the best value for your money.

It has various outlets, so if you cannot reach it – it reaches you. Same menu, same price, and same awesome taste everywhere. I have been eating ‘Kutchi Bowl’ of Kutchi King for ages and have been a fan of since the day I tasted it. One look at it and you will think that you have been served a version of Bhel Puri. However, it is not so. Kutchi Bowl is different from Bhel Puri. It brings the traditional taste of Kutch with it – that is what I feel about it.

Kutchi King's famous Kutchi Bowl
Kutchi King’s famous Kutchi Bowl

The Kutchi Bowl has fried bread pieces, peanuts, sev, onion, tomatoes, and masala, which is on the lines of Dabeli masala. To sum it up, Kutchi Bowl is a filler at any time on any day. Its taste is wonderful and unbeatable one. The fried bread pieces give it a crunchiness and unique flavored, used by Kutchi King alone. Kutchi Bowl comes with an option of Cheese too. Though, there is no difference between the two, except cheese, it is better to have a non-cheesy version, if you like to feel the true flavors.

 I like to have Dabeli and Vada Pav from Kutchi King too. The Dabeli carry the normal taste yet it is different. In some places, I have seen people using various sauces or chutneys. However, Kutchi King does not do that. It serves you authentic Dabeli, which lets you indulge in pure Dabeli taste, minus no other additional sauces and chutneys. Same goes for Vada Pav, it is served in its original ishityle with vadapav and some spicy masala sprinkled on it. You can also get the same versions of Dabeli and Vada Pav with cheese, which I prefer more as later ingredient is my favorite one.

The vada pav at Kutchi King
The vada pav at Kutchi King
Irresistible Kutchi Dabeli available at Kutchi King
Irresistible Kutchi Dabeli available at Kutchi King

The food served at Kutchi King is fresh and tasty. It is economical and fits anyone’s budget. Like I said earlier, it is a filler – you can have it in morning or late night. The best thing about Kutchi King is that it has its outlets in various places of Ahmedabad hence, a convenient place to have decent eatery.


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