Gujari Bazaar Ahmedabad

What is the second most favourite hobby of Amdavadis after food and entertainment? Yes, you guessed it right it is Shopping. On a Sunday afternoon if you managed to pass from Ellis Bridge you must have noticed thousands of people shopping at Gujari Bazaar.

This Gujari Bazaar mostly houses used items and a few stalls of new goods too. Gujari Market is nearly 600 years old, probably as old as Ahmedabad itself. It was present when Ahmedabad the city of Malls was Amdavad the Manchester of India due to its mill culture.

Ahmedabad’s Gujari Bazaar is an invaluable part of the city’s heritage is an old trader organised market democratically governed by Ahmedabad Gujari Association (AGA) comprises Hindu, Muslim and significant women traders too.

Gujari Market is also known as ‘Ravivari’ as it opens only on Sundays. Gujari Bazaar has more than 12,000 registered traders and nearly 20,000 people earn direct or indirect livelihood from the Gujari Bazaar. It beats all those flashy malls of recent times.

It is said that more than 3,000 people shop every Sunday at Gujari Bazaar and it is said to be the poor man’s Shopping Mall by The Hindu.

The Gujari Bazaar may soon have to make way for the development project on the riverfront by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the poor man’s mall started by the founder of Amdavad Sultan Ahmed Shah might shut down.

Gujari Bazaar of Ahmedabad is no less than the world famous Wall Mart where Amdavadis can buy utensils, electronic goods, carpentry tools, fashionable goods and much more.

So Amdavadis what are you waiting for? Take a look at Ahmedabad’s very own Wall Mart before you get to hear of it only in newspapers and articles.


Here’s a short film on this market by Yash Pandya & Rachit Patel.







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