A public event “GREEN MARCH” was organised by the civil department of Nirma University focussing on going green in future. Students of Nirma University attended the event which started after 8:30 am from Gandhi Ashram to Income Tax circle. The faculty and the students of Nirma University enlightened the people towards going green and more so because today is the ‘World Disaster Day ‘. The faculty and students , all clad in white started the march with great enthusiasm holding the banners like ‘Say no to Plastic’, ’Say yes to Car Pool’, ‘Go green’ ,  ‘Women empowerment’ and many more.

Assistant Professor Anurag Kandya said “We have to save the world by taking small measures so that we can sustain the environment for a long period.”

Assistant Professor Pratima Singh said “The women of today are a major driving force since a man cannot stop anyone from littering or doing small things which a woman can. So the main objective of the green march is to spread awareness among the women of the society.”

Students reached there right on time and did their work quite professionally. I think the students and the faculty did a great job by spreading awareness. We hope to see many more things coming from them.




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