Most of us haven’t even got over the hangover of the nine nights (Intentional use of word :p) of Navratri in our own Amdavadi way, dancing and swaying to the mystic tunes, immersed in devotion and fervour. I can’t think of any other place to enjoy Navratri more than Ahmedabad, where even traffic jams during these nights are interesting. The people stuck in traffic are dressed up in the finest Chaniya choli and kediyu and are either looking at other people’s cars to spot some interesting mix of jewellery and dresses or are on their phones to ask where their ‘group’ members have reached! Hit Like if you have had a similar experience!

The other thing that fascinates me is the indomitable spirit of the Garba revellers. Mind you, don’t think that the police restriction on loud speakers after 12am stops us from enjoying the entire night. Hordes of people move from clubs to their nearby housing societies to carry on the Garba after 12 am! It is then that the real fun begins and continues till the wee hours. There are people who form Garba Groups of their own and practise months ahead of Navratri and dance each night with their group. There are other people who just want to soak in the festival by crashing any club or farm and enjoy their freestyle Garba! There are couples who perform the Garba with love, in the true sense of it – dancing away in perfect sync with each other.

If you still don’t know what is ‘The Universal Language’ – it is Music! And this can be wholly experienced in Navratri. Irrespective of the caste or nationality, everyone is immersed in this holistic experience as one. We can easily spot so many foreign people and students on exchange programs in India, enjoying and embracing the festivities. We meet total strangers who join us for Garba for one night, and immediately connect with them, let me tell you this ‘connection’ I’m talking about is nowhere close to the unlimited connections we make on Facebook or Google+! The elderly, the youth and the children all are equal on this stage of devotion to the Goddess Amba! You want to learn what unity in diversity is – take Navratri as an example!

Navratri teaches us so many lessons – it however highlights one important aspect of life, i.e. Celebration. The essence of our lives is that we should celebrate each moment. If we can live with such ecstasy and amplified ebullience during these nine nights, why can’t we live our entire life the same way?

Think about it! This is us bidding Navratri adieu! Hope you liked all our updates on Navratri 2012, watch out for more as the festivities never end at The Ahmedabad Blog!

Photography courtesy : Karan Tulsani

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