Do you envy Goa for its Sunburn? Do you think that Ahmedabad is a not-so-happening city for the likes of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore that are thronged by various international music artists? Then Global Music Festival (GMF) Ahmedabad is definitely going to surprise you!

Ahmedabad, for the first time, is going to host an International Music Fest planned on the lines of the Sunburn, an international dance and music mega-event where hundreds of thousands of youngsters flock to have a musical blast! The event is reportedly gonna host some of the most famous names in the national and international music and disc-jock fraternity, including Tom Fall, Stan Kolev, Ankytrixx, One Vibe, DJ Sam, Anish Sood to name a few. Who said only cities with beaches can do it? Ahmedabad for sure has the spirit to celebrate that is more than enough to make it successful! This is a welcome news for all the Electronic Dance Music lovers in the city, as they now don’t have to fly to Goa or Mumbai to enjoy such fests.

A single ticket will cost an Amdavadi music lover a dent of Rs. 2,500 in his pocket. VIP tables will be available for a minimum of four members at Rs 50,000 per head including lunch and dinner. There will be only one of its kind VVIP table for 10 people and it costs 1.2 lacs per ticket.

So all you Amdavadi music lovers, get ready to groove – at the Waterside restaurant premises on 17-18 November! Stay plugged, stay rocking 😀 #music




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