Think Choco fruit and nuts truffles

Gift luxury chocolates with Think Choco

The best things in life are chocolate! Don’t you agree? We all have been eating regular chocolates for long now – plain and biscuit chocolates are a passé. It’s time to move on to some luxurious chocolate experiences.

We are talking about satisfying your sweet tooth with gourmet chocolates from Think Choco which are now available online through their newly launched e-commerce website

The concept:

Many of us go abroad and experience different things that are not available in India. But how many of us import such ideas and implement them in India context? Not many! This is the very same thought that drove the entrepreneur behind Think Choco to launch a service in India that is exclusively meant for personalized chocolates.

Personalized corporate gift chocolates are very common all over the United Kingdom. They are served at almost every restaurant and hotel as after eat chocolates. Such personalized luxury chocolates were not available in India. Thus this unique idea took the shape of Think Choco in May 2012 with a primary focus on targeting corporates, hotels and business. You can check out their corporate website and see for yourself what we are talking about.

We have already seen chocolate swiftly replacing traditional sweets at all festive occasions not only in Ahmedabad and rest of India as well. But it is only now that people want a gourmet element in their chocolates! Thus, due to the immense positive response and demand, they launched an ecommerce website in February 2013 for customers like you and me that would love to order a few boxes of luxury chocolates!

The USP:

Everyone can make handmade chocolates in Ahmedabad. But not many can bring to you exceptional chocolates in an array of exotic flavors that are made with state of art Swiss machinery! This is exactly what makes this online store so irresistibly indulgent! If these chocolates have to be described in 2 words, then all we can say is exclusive and ultra luxurious!

How to Buy:

At present, Think Choco offers Caramel Truffles, Fruit & Nuts Truffles, Premium Thins and Dark Chocolates that pop with unique flavors like mint, caramel, lychee etc. To discover their unique collection, visit their online store: and place your order online!

Worried about whether the chocolates will be delivered in good condition? Stop worrying! These premium chocolates are placed in a wooden box, which is then packed with thermocol sheets. This package is also sealed thoroughly to ensure safety from sunlight, air and water.

Whether you are a cocoa lover searching for some interesting chocolate flavors or an organization looking to buy chocolates online for corporate gifting, your search ends right here with Think Choco.


Think Choco fruit and nuts truffles

Think Choco fruit and nuts truffles

Caramel Truffles box

Caramel Truffles box

Think Choco Caramel Truffles with soft centre

Think Choco Caramel Truffles with soft centre




Think Choco: Gourmet Caramel Truffles

Think Choco: Gourmet Caramel Truffles

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    online chocolate Reply

    Oh yum yum yum! Everything looks so delishes!

    diwali dry fruits gifts Reply

    Really yummy and mouth watering..!! Fruits and nuts is my favorite. These type o gifts are evergreen, liked by all. All time favorite for me at least. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

    Caleb Wood Reply

    Great Blog, about chocolates!
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