The residence of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is situated along the bank of Sabarmati river.Gandhiji spent almost 12 years of his life here in this ashram. It was from here that he set out for his famous Dandi march on March 12 in 1930. Moreover, it served as Gandhiji’s headquarter during struggle for Indian Independence. The ashram has now a museum where Gandhiji’s living quarters are preserved. It also includes Gandhiji’s quotations, letters and over 30000 books dealing with Gandhi’s life, Indian freedom movement and related subjects. The Ashram Trust funds activities that include education for the visitor, the community and routine maintenance of the museum and its surrounding grounds respectively.
The Ashram does not believe in sub castes. There are no restrictions on interdining and all Ashramites sit to dinner in the same line. The Museum has great features such as “Gandhi in Ahmedabad” Gallery tracking Gandhi’s life in Ahmedabad and Archives consisting of nearly 34,117 letters to and from Gandhi both in original and in photocopies, about 8,781 pages of manuscripts of Gandhi’s articles appearing in Harijan, Harijansevak, and Harijanbandhu. Moreover, Collecting, processing, preserving and displaying archival materials which includes writings, photographs, paintings, voice-records, films, personal clothes. A charkha used by Gandhi to weave khadi and the writing table he used for writing letters are also few of the priceless items kept here.







Photography courtesy : Dhruvil Pandya

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