Gaming culture in Ahmedabad

There was a time when playing games meant just one thing – a crowd of kids from the entire society coming together to play games like cricket, badminton, hide and seek etc. Playing games in the society was not limited to just children. Even adults played these games at night post dinner. Societies even organized gaming tournaments to encourage more participation from residents. These traditions phased out with the arrival of technology in Ahmedabad homes.

These gaming rituals soon changed with the onset of video games. Watching Mario jump on the TV screen was much more fascinating than playing in the Ahmedabad heat. We don’t blame anyone, even we all were enjoying this phase and this was the first time we were exposed to such games. Prince of Persia soon followed on Windows 95 desktops. These video games were limited to tech savvy children and parents were definitely not playing this. Video Games continued to evolve and PlayStation, X box and PSPs, Nintendo wii were a common sight in Ahmedabad homes. Counter Strike and other online games were hugely popular in colleges and hostels in Ahmedabad and every college fest had to have a CS event. We are sure many of you had formed CS teams to participate in these events!


Game Culture in Ahmedabad

With Facebook, gaming attracted more players. From aunties growing crops in Farmville to uncles playing Zynga poker, gaming fever took over everyone who was on Facebook. Over the months, some games got boring and people went on to play newly introduced games. Games like Angry birds, Candy crush, Temple run etc. are hugely popular among android phone users. Online gaming websites like Castle Jackpot too are very popular among people who love gambling.

According to recent news report by DNA, “The gaming industry is gravitating towards wholesome family entertainment. We agree… don’t we all have parents who play angry birds on their tabs?

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