Freeze Land Ahmedabad

 If you think about having scrumptious jumbo grilled sandwiches with all the possible toppings, there is just one place that comes to the mind – Freeze Land! They have a huge variety of grilled sandwiches; some of them are so unique, you would have never thought of such combinations.

There are close to 50 different types of sandwiches they sell and to use a cliché – you are a little more than spoilt for choice. And just because the combinations are distinctive, that doesn’t mean that the taste is compromised.

The sandwiches are made out of fresh delicious ingredients and every sandwich they serve taste perfect with all balanced flavors. If you can’t seem to decide which sandwich to pick, you can always pick our all time favorite – BFL (Best of Freeze Land)!

 But before you conclude that Freeze Land is just about sandwiches, we should add that the hot coffees, Pav Bhaji, pizza and pulao are simply superb.

The interior is simple, almost utilitarian. We really can’t rave about the ambience of this place, but we can assure you that it is a hotspot for college students! The outlet located off C.G. Road is this small space packed with tables. But their service is so quick, that you really don’t have to wait long to get your table.

This place is value for money and there is never a disappointing meal. Also, no matter what your age is, you will always fit in.






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