Kitkat Shake| Photo © Nikita Dudani

Food Review – Chocolate Room

The Chocolate room has always been my favorite place to study, read, discuss or gossip. What can be more beautiful than loving chocolate and availing its various forms at a single place! Be it shakes, coffee, pancakes or any other varieties, chocolate room has it all.

This time I choose the branch at Bodakdev. Being recent though not alien, I choose it to meet my friend who was leaving for Dubai. On entering, I was happy to see it empty with just one table filled at that moment. It was a small space after all – enough for 4 tables; i.e. 16-18 people at one time.

We sat a corner sofa near the window; facing the roadside. The ambiance was simple and the staff accumulated 3-4 persons only. Nevertheless, they were warm and had a quick service; here they gain extra points from my side.

We had ordered Cookie Crumble, Mexican Crepe and Kit Kat Shake. Cookie Crumble being first arrive had conjoined taste of hot cappuccino and chocolate chips cookie. It tasted delicious as the crunchy cookies enhanced our taste buds with every sip. It lets your buds feel the hot and soothing coffee first and even when you have not finished it, the chocolate cookies just melt in your mouth – leaving you wanting for more.

As the name suggests, Kit Kat shake blends milk, chocolate powder, little bit coffee powder, Kit Kat together for the larger than life effect. It was topped with whipped cream and Kit Kat piece. It provided a refreshing and cool feeling. In every sip, the Kit Kat could be felt as it was not blended to the core but kept little crunchy. The whipped cream was fresh, soft and melted away as soon as you take a bite. And, that is the most interesting part I love about this place – they serve everything fresh. Especially, the toppings are mesmerizing.

Kitkat Shake| Photo © Nikita Dudani

Kitkat Shake| Photo © Nikita Dudani

The last and final to arrive was Mexican Crepe, which was the odd one out. A total savory dish, the crepe was perfectly cooked, easy to cut and eat. It had fillings comprising of beans, Mexican style tomato sauce, chili sauce and cheese. The toppings included red sauce and chili flakes. Accompanying it was a fresh and refrigerated helping of salad.

Mexican Crepe | Photo © Nikita Dudani

Mexican Crepe | Photo © Nikita Dudani

Tangy and spicy at the same time – the crepe were tummy filler. The salad consisted of cabbage and hung curd, garnished with olives and cheery. The combination of two was brilliant and remarkable. It is necessary for everyone who loves or do not loves chocolate to try it.

Overall the rating would be:

Service: 8/10

Food: 9/10

Ambiance: 6/10

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Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani feels she has been born to write. Every experience, feelings and emotions make way through her pen. She is also a poet, author and a hard core foodie.'

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Nikita Dudani feels she has been born to write. Every experience, feelings and emotions make way through her pen. She is also a poet, author and a hard core foodie.

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