Bombay Street Cafe - The best of street food from Mumbai

Food Review: Bombay Street Cafe

We Amdavadis have always craved for delicacies that please our senses forgetting our health all together. And that’s why Amdavad is one of the most coveted cities for street food. And when it comes to straight-from-the-tava food, then our mind stops at one name: Law Garden. Nestled in one of the less explored alleys is a small laari with an inviting name and aroma, ‘Bombay Street Cafe’.
From my experience of all types of food behaviours, there are two things that Amdavadis crave in non-gujju food: Dosa and Pizza. I can assure you readers that there is not one Amdavadi who won’t like either or both.  The people at the Bombay Street Cafe (BSC) have made the ingenious invention by combining both! Yes, the very first dish I tried was the Pizza Dosa. Thankfully, it has the goodness of both and is quirky and satiating at the same time. But that is not all. The chefs have an elaborate menu of around 50 different dosas which vary from Punjabi to Chinese varieties. Be prepared with the weirdest names like ‘Jini Dosa’ which is a spring dosa with a schezwan twist and ‘Jhanak Jhanak Paayal’ which is again a dosa served with Punjabi style Paneer sabzi. Both of these are hot favourites at the place. Other dishes include Pav Bhaji, Sandwiches and Pulao which although not so popular are decent in taste.

There is also a branch with the same name situated near Sahajanand College if you would rather opt for a more comfortable seating. The BSC is a must visit with a group where guests can order 8 dishes and taste all of them (pakka Amdavadi style).

My take is go for the finger licking taste that will linger on your tongue for the next couple of days.


Sahajanand Outlet: 27/1, L Colony, Opposite Sahajanand College, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad
Law Garden Outlet: Behind Law Garden Khau Galli, next to Green Rose, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad

Bombay Street Cafe - The best of street food from Mumbai

Bombay Street Cafe – The best of street food from Mumbai

Bombay Street Cafe: Exciting interiors

Bombay Street Cafe: Exciting interiors

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