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 7Violettes: A pastry & bakery house for those who want to experience desserts & breads - French Style

7Violettes: A pastry & bakery house for those who want to experience desserts & breads – French Style

7Violettes logo

7Violettes logo

There are few restaurants in Ahmedabad that are ideal for the niche market. 7Violettes is one of them. Such places do not advertise big, they just want people to come over by word of mouth. 

When I first heard of 7Violettes from a friend, I assumed it to be one more attempt of a commercial restaurant with a meaningless but nice sounding name. I was wrong. 7Violettes is a bistro nestled in the less crowded part of Ahmedabad. The cottage like exterior and the wooden interiors look welcoming. 
I went there with two of my best friends and fellow dessert lovers. The bakery-cum-café was like a Newfoundland for us.  An island of culinary delights with no one else but us. 

7Violettes: A dessert lover's paradise

7Violettes: A dessert lover’s paradise

The first thing that excited me was the macarons. These little colourful confectionery goodies have become a hit in the city with their growing presence in the Instagram profiles of fellow Amdavadi youngsters. We ordered two flavours, coffee and chocolate…both of which were fluffy and easily melted in the mouth. The macarons were undeniably the best I have tasted in Ahmedabad, and were true to their French recipe. The Opera Cake was delightful with its coffee and chocolate flavours in harmony and yet it was not too sweet. This place is a must for foodie Amdavadis who would love to savour delicacies like the Charlotte and the Orange Ricotta cheesecake which are rarely seen in the city. Other noteworthy items on the menu include: Croissants, breads (100% whole wheat bread), chocolate cakes, swiss rolls etc.

7Violettes: Orange Ricotta Baked Cheesecake

7Violettes: Orange Ricotta Baked Cheesecake

It is not often that we find authentic international desserts in Ahmedabad and hence the desserts at 7Violettes have been priced accordingly. The authentic and natural taste is a win for 7Violettes. However, the rates being on the higher side may not attract all Amdavadis. 

I suggest a visit to 7Violettes is a must for an authentic dessert experience and for the mouth watering macaroons. It is a pastry and bakery house for those who want to experience desserts & breads – French Style in Ahmedabad!

7Violettes Macarons

7Violettes Macarons

7Violettes Contact Details

Address: A 2, Vishal Apartments, Near Neelam Lutf Restaurant, Off University Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Phone: 079 27912723, 079 27912724

Timings: 1.00 PM to 11.00 PM


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