Five Point Someone, DJ Shaan and Dualist Inquiry at IIMA Chaos Day 3 (2012-13)


IIMA Chaos, you hope for the best and you are by no means disappointed by IIM Ahmedabad. The third day at IIMA Chaos started with lots of drama, fun, noise, excitement, carried on with art, glamour and ended with pure music.

RJ Aditi was present at IIMA Chaos carnival at 2 pm at Go Green, We Chat stall. She was there to encourage the audience and have a look and feel of Ahmedabad’s biggest entertaining bonanza. It seemed as if she had a ball herself.

The students at IIMA were making amazing rangolis which was quite beautiful. It was as if, students of all cast and creed were present at IIMA from all over the country and it was a mind-boggling affair to watch the energy of youth seeping through.

Noon time was Newspaper dance time. Newspaper dance in college, with friends and loved ones can be of great fun, IIMA Chaos provided that platform. Along with that, there was a competition for Mr. And Ms. Chaos which gathered a huge crowd.

The highlight of the day was Five Point Someone. A play enacted by Evam Entertainment on Chetan Bhagat’s first yet lingering novel by the same name. The characters were improvised and enacted in larger than life roles. K.K as Hari was simply outstanding with his punches, funny one liner on relationships, romance and Engineering. Naveen as Ryan was amazing, you have that one friend who is like him who he is rich, stylish, carefree for the world but who cares for his best buddies. Baggy as Alok was amazing to watch; sometimes it is proved that good looks are not good acting, good acting from within. Amrutha as Neha was a darling. Sweet, innocent yet exploring bad for her guy, a perfect girlfriend, a perfect daughter, this was Amrutha for you.

A solo and duet dance show was organised in the evening amidst a huge crowd and there were some marvellous dance moves to be enjoyed, there were some public performances too.

Glamour was the need of the hour and Chaos provided it with a Fashion Show. The stage was set ablaze by Bhakti Kubavat, who recently won Times Fresh Face 2012. She was beautiful and the crowd loved her. There were in all four teams participating in the Fashion Show which were IIM Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design, NIFT Ahmedabad and MIME. The winners were NID Ahmedabad and the NIFT were the runners up. There was a tough battle of glamour between NID and NIFT which are considered as the glamour hubs of Ahmedabad.

An evening with Dualist Inquiry and Dj Shaan , India’s youngest DJ who has been a regular performer at Sunburn Goa. Can Ahmedabad ask for more? They played electronic house music, progressive house, deep house, electro house and the crowd was thrilled. I have not seen Ahmedabad’s audience respond to trance music in such a delightful manner.

By the end of third day, my head was spinning with music. People were eating music, drinking music and I guess even pissing music. Third day was awesome and we await a more glamorous and musical end to this fiesta.


















Photographs Courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati and Harsh Kanada

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