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Exclusive Interview: Shoe Crea

Fashion is all about imagination and creativity! Ritika Agrawal, a 23 year old Amdavadi, feels exactly the same about fashion and discovered a fun way to add creativity to your everyday look. A B.Com by education and a shoe designer by profession, Ritika Agrawal customizes everyday footwear to bring to you shoes that have a personality. Her brand is called Shoe Crea and she delivers shoes that are quirky and edgy. From ballerinas to chappals, she can customize pretty much every type of footwear you like to wear!

The Ahmedabad Blog connected with Ritika to know everything about her venture – Shoe Crea!

Shoe Crea By Ritika Agrawal
Shoe Crea By Ritika Agrawal

Give us a brief about Shoe Crea and your product line 

We customize all sorts of shoes; traditional, party, casual, ked, etc. depending on the choice and need of the client. Our price range starts somewhere from Rs. 1000 onwards. The material that we use also vary from design to design but material that we most commonly use are leather, cotton cloth, silk, etc.

Shoe Crea By Ritika Agrawal: customised shoes
Shoe Crea By Ritika Agrawal: customised shoes

How did this venture begin?

It all started out as a favour to my friend who asked me to hand paint his canvas shoes. The idea then grew and developed in my mind and soon I got into customizing canvas shoes which led me into all types of customizing footwear.

Why did you choose the name Shoe Crea?

I was looking for a name that was modern but at the same time a little off beat too. And one of my friends suggested me this one and it just clicked to me instantly and I loved it. It’s catchy at the same time has 2 different meanings for it, which solves my purpose. (Initially I was working under the name of “Happy Feet” but as the name was registered by some other firm I had to change it)

How your brand is different or unique compared to other brands?

After visiting a lot of shoe stores; I noticed that there weren’t too many bright coloured and printed footwear in the market at an affordable price since I myself fall in the “youth” category I know that it is in demand and is not very easily available and that is what I provide my clients with due to which I feel this is what makes my brand unique compared to other brands.

What type of shoes do you like? Do you have a Shoe Motto?

 No one in particular… I like the ones that are a little offbeat and trendy. Footwear today is one of the most important accessories if one doesn’t have the right footwear the entire attire is incomplete. Therefore I think it is rightly said that “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then shoes are the window to your style…!”

Which is the most memorable shoe you designed? Or any favourite shoe that you designed?

 I would say this would be my most memorable one because this was the 1st pair of footwear that I designed. 

The first pair designed by RItika Agrawal
The first pair designed by RItika Agrawal

What is your opinion of the footwear Amdavadis wear?

People in Ahmedabad are getting more and more fashionable day by day. They are now getting more fashion conscious. They are always in search new and unique things. They are so updated with the ongoing trends from the fashion world that it has know started reflecting  in the way they carry themselves which includes the kind of clothes they wear, the kind of footwear… everything.

Shoe Crea By Ritika Agrawal: customised shoes
Shoe Crea By Ritika Agrawal: customised shoes

What are your future plans? Are you planning to expand your product category?

I intend to know the footwear market and trade in detail so as to be able to open my own store later someday!

How can Amdavadis avail your Shoe Designing services?

They can either contact me at my Studio or can even contact me through Facebook – www.facebook.com/Shoecrea

Shoe Crea Studio Address: 102, Shakuntal Flats, Opp CN Vidhyalay, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad –  380006

Contact No. : 09909102431

 One tip for Amdavadi entrepreneurs?

I think it’s too early for me to give any kind of tips to the Amdavadi entrepreneurs as I am still on the learning front

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