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Don’t we all love surprises? Especially if it is on our birthday? Imagine, the clock strikes 12.00 and your door bell rings. A birthday cake from your favorite bakery is delivered to you! Doesn’t it sound like the best birthday ever? Well, alot of Amdavadis are experiencing this awesome start to their birthday, all thanks to

We connected with the team to learn more about their business and discuss the cake trends in Ahmedabad.

Cake Hunt Logo

Cake Hunt Logo

Give us a brief about and the owners behind the brand. is an e-commerce platform from ICS Food Solutions. It is a common platform for bakers / confectioners to showcase and sell their creative products and customers to choose a product of their choice from the place of their choice. As long as we now this is the only platform where one can get cakes from multiple bakers at actual prices. That too home delivered 24*7.

It is a proprietary firm owned by Jatin H Shah. The venture and idea is supported by Pavan Balani and Ashish S Parik. They came in contact with each other while working with ICICI bank Ltd. They thought they had a common goal in life and want to pursue their dreams. So Ashish and Pavan quit their corporate jobs to join Jatin. Jatin was employed by one of the vendors of ICICI bank as a manager. It is their third venture. Two other ventures are ICS Trading Services (Oct 10, FMCG Distribution) and (Oct 12, Facility Management). : Screenshot of website : Screenshot of website

How did this venture begin?

Ashish visited the Monginis Cake shop on Sola Road on 28.01.13 to buy a cake for his anniversary to be celebrated on 29th Jan and asked about home delivery. He didn’t get a proper reply. He visited the same shop on 1st Feb 13 again to buy a cake for his sister-in-law’s birthday to be celebrated on 2nd February. This time he met the owner of the shop and handed over his visiting card. During that informal chat Ashish informed the baker that they do execute home delivery of cakes upon request from their customers on and his company can help the baker to execute home delivery of cakes in Ahmedabad.

On 11th February the baker, Mr Kamalbhai called Ashish requested delivery 3 cakes. As the project was not working as expected and planned, Ashish accepted the offer and started delivering cakes for Monginis. After working for a few days, Ashish started approaching other bakers in Ahmedabad. Within a month’s time he tied up with Indulgence and Kabhi B (Commerce Six Road Branch) for home delivery of their products.

During working for these bakers, Ashish built a good bond with bakers and tried to understand their problems. Also during deliveries he understood the issues of end users. In a market like Ahmedabad there were only 2 bakers who were running online store. Most of the bakers even do not cater home deliveries due to logistics issues. He found that there is a gap between customer expectations and the bakers. After checking other online offerings he found that if a common platform, like, is built it will be a good solution for bakers as well as customers. It will help bakers to go online and serve their fans who want to shop online and want home deliveries. It is practically impossible for the most of the bakers to invest in building online store and managing the logistics. We wanted to be pain killer,  therefore we started 

Cake Hunt Team - Jatin H Shah, Pavan Balani and Ashish Parik (L-R)

Cake Hunt Team – Jatin H Shah, Pavan Balani and Ashish Parik (L-R)

Why did you go with this brand name? 

Cake and chocolates are no more commodities. Lots of feelings are attached with cakes and chocolates. People are ready to pay any amount if their feelings are delivered safely and securely. So they search for the best option to handle their feelings. ends their hunt of the best cakes and best delivery option. Cake of customer’s choice, shop of customer’s choice, delivery time and place of customer’s choice, so ends all the hunts. 

Why did you choose cakes and chocolates as your product category?

Over years, the thinking about cakes and chocolates has changed. Years back Cake and chocolates were considered as another sweet or a dessert. Now their products are not less than the sweet feelings. There are lots of memories and feelings attached with cake and chocolate gifting. We wanted to remove that pain point of home delivery and making every best product available upon call. So we choose the be the pain killer in this segment. Which bakers have you tied up with for your venture

Currently we are associated with Chocstacy (Home Baker), Chocoholics (Home Baker), Choc O Den (Commercial Baker), Fresh N Fresh, Kabhi B, Indulgence and Upper Crust for selling their products. We are also associated with Monginis (3 outlets) and TGB Bakery for home delivery of their products. 

How is your brand different or unique compared to other brands?

  • We are not bakers. We are service people and serve the customer demand.
  • We sell products at with the brand name.
  • We sell products at the actual price of the shop. None of the products are sold at inflated rates.
  • We deliver 24*7 and of course we take the delivery charges.
  • Customers can save at least 25% on cost as compared with other online shops.

What are the challenges faced?

The biggest challenge was to convince bakers to join serves as an alternate channel to bakers and do not compete with their physical shops. Few bakers identified the potential of online business and the need of logistics service provider for growth and joined hands. For the few others, took the time and joined.

What is your biggest achievement:

A very high profile family planned to celebrate the first birthday of their child at a temple situated in Rajasthan around 268 Kms from Ahmedabad. They wanted a cake from a baker in Ahmedabad for this celebration. The Cake was of 4 levels and weighing around 12 Kgs. Baker was ready to make the cake however delivery at this place was the issue and the customer was supposed to drop this thought of Cake from Ahmedabad.

Such long distance deliveries need to be handled very carefully. We accepted this delivery as a challenge and executed the same well before time. We started our journey at 2 am on 7th Nov 13 and delivered the cake without a single scratch. The Customer and his wife were so much delighted with safe delivery that they just hugged the delivery boy (Ashish) with great pleasure. 

What type of birthday cakes is in high demand in Ahmedabad?

People expect something new every time. Birthday’s are now not restricted to just a cake cutting. Now people want theme based cakes. The demand for designer cakes is growing day by day. The kids and their parents are demanding either a Cartoon (Doreamon, Chhota Bheem etc.) themed or photo cake.

For the masses, Black Forest and Chocolate Truffle are the first choice.

What are your future plans? Are you planning to expand your product category?

The focus is more on covering location day by day. Currently we are operating in Ahmedabad, Baroda and Rajkot. Other than Ahmedabad, we are associated with Kabhi B only at other locations. There are few good bakers yet left at these locations. The first priority is to have tie-up with these people and then expand in the service network. We have executed multiple deliveries in Pune. We are in touch with around 6 home bakers in Pune, 1 in Bangalore, 3 in Hyderabad, 2 in Mumbai and 1 in Delhi.

Every baker has his / her specialty. In addition of one baker in the list, various new products are added.

How can Amdavadis avail your services? 

We are available 24*7 across the year (365 days) at 8905 365 24 7. We offer all the options available at your favourite bakery. We offer online and cash on delivery option.

So next time whenever you want to deliver your feelings, you can think of us, because for us cake is “Feelings Wrapped and Packed in Box”.

One tip for Amdavadi entrepreneurs:

We are not a running a successful company, but we are not a failure too. Long back I read somewhere, “There is an opportunity where ever you see”. We generally want to create something new. I think rather than this, just try to find out the pain points. We like to discuss the benefits of Vitamins but they rarely take it. Pain killer is must to live a peaceful life. So try to become a pain killer. Have trust in your idea, don’t be afraid of failure, people will ignore you initially and then they will greet you for sure.

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Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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