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Exclusive Interview: Ahmedabad Book Club

Ahmedabad Book Club: a platform for voracious readers in Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Book Club: a platform for voracious readers in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Book Club is an out of the box innovative experiment for Ahmedabad. Founded and patronaged by Priyanshi Patel, a young, energetic and second generation entrepreneur, the Ahmedabad Book Club is a platform for book lovers. It is a promising toddler in the draught of reader’s club arena in Ahmedabad. Apart from filling the vacuum for such brainy rostrums in the city, it encourages its partakers and members to think and express independently. 

Ahmedabad Book Club is an elite book club in its genre and manner yet broad heartedly welcomes new people. Growing rapidly in strength and gaining rapid popularity for its USP of enjoying the presence of some of the very experienced, successful and influential thinking citizens of the city. The club bridges book lovers from every sphere of life and occupation. It is mostly a platform for sharing various views on common subjects. Here topics are decided in advance and discussed in a controlled fashion. It is a place where fine minded thinkers and scholars get together for a monthly debate. Everyone who attends agrees that it gives very enriching brain storming experience. 

Here is an exclusive interview with the founding President of the club Priyanshi Patel who terms Ahmedabad Book Club as ‘a knowledge platform’ in true sense.

The Ahmedabad Blog: How did the idea of the Ahmedabad Book Club (ABC) come up? Why did you decide to set up a Book Club? 
Priyanshi Patel: I have always been an avid reader. I went to NY for my graduation and upon returning to my home town, I found the city incomplete without an active book club. Hence, decided to form and host one. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: Tell us about the whole concept. What do you do, how do you do etc.
Priyanshi Patel: We meet once a month for discussions on books, authors, themes, anything and everything that has to do with literature. The discussions last about three hours. Sometimes, we invite experts to share their insights on the topic. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: Who is the target audience? What is the objective of ABC?
Priyanshi Patel: There is nothing like target audience. Whoever loves reading are more than welcomed. The objective is to promote reading and literature in the city. 

Ahmedabad Book Club in session
Ahmedabad Book Club in session

The Ahmedabad Blog: What type of reading experiences do you want Amdavadis to have? 
Priyanshi Patel: Reading is a personal thing. Every individual has a different preference. ABC does not wish that the members or the city must get exposed to a particular reading experience. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: What’s your take on reading habits in Ahmedabad
Priyanshi Patel:  Reading has increased but not necessarily in the traditional way. After the introduction of social media and smart phones, an average person reads more. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: Since you are based out of Ahmedabad, any reading trends you see that are specific to Ahmedabad?
Priyanshi Patel:  I am born and partially brought up in Ahmedabad. So my view of the city is a mash of insider and outsider view. The city is definitely opening up to literature but it’ll still take us a few years to penetrate deeper. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: What are the challenges you faced? How has your journey been so far?
Priyanshi Patel: The city has an extended population of 6.6 million yet I find it difficult to get 25 committed readers together. There are passionate book lovers, it’s just that they are either not aware or discussing with a group of people isn’t their thing. 

Ahmedabad Book Club in session
Ahmedabad Book Club in session

The Ahmedabad Blog: One reason why every Amdavadi should join Ahmedabad Book Club?
Priyanshi Patel:  I encourage Amdavadis to form their own book clubs. Britain has 50,000 book clubs. Ahmedabad can easily nurture 50. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: One message for young Amdavadis who have still not picked up their first book
Priyanshi Patel: Reading must start at a young age. Once the individual is in love with a particular genre, book, character or author, it’s an unstoppable journey. But the first steps must be taken. 


Ahmedabad Book Club: promotes reading habits  among young and old
Ahmedabad Book Club: promotes reading habits among young and old


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  1. james2041996@gmail.com'

    Hi I feel wonderful to know that there are other people like me who are so enthusiastic of reading books.
    I had started reading books from April of 2017 and till now i have read upto 9 books and i am still reading . This gave me immense pleasure to know that i have met like minded people who understand the deep feelings of a reader . Please continue your work and if possible do contact me so that i could also get in touch with my reading companions
    if possible please make a group on whatsupp so we will be in touch.

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