IIT Gandhinagar student: Akash Kumar

Exclusive: IIT Gandhinagar Student shares internship experience

You really want to intern but you don’t know where to start? Ever wondered what internship experiences do IIT Gandhinagar students have? Don’t worry. We have the answers to all these questions! 

The Ahmedabad Blog connected with Akash Kumar, a Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IITGN) to understand the type of internships that are popular these days in Ahmedabad.

IIT Gandhinagar student: Akash Kumar

IIT Gandhinagar student: Akash Kumar

The Ahmedabad Blog: How important is an internship experience for an IITGN student?
Akash Kumar: An internship is a great platform for us to build on the knowledge and learning from our studies. It provides students an opportunity to work with professionals and experts in various fields. Apart from theoretical knowledge of engineering subjects, students at IITGn look forward to learning opportunities through projects and internships. Our objectives depend on the interest and area of expertise such as core engineering, software development – coding & programming, management- sales and marketing etc. Students who want to go for higher studies often prefer core engineering profile internships, students like me who want to do MBA prefer management profile internships, and so on.

The Ahmedabad Blog: Where all did you intern? Tell us briefly about the companies you interned with.
Akash Kumar: I have interned with L&T MHI Boiler Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad, Haryana (13 May – 14 July’12). The primary objective was to have an exposure of industry work and its various aspects. I analysed overall Supply Chain Management activities to minimize project execution time. It also involved field visits to leading vendors’ site.

I have also worked as a summer intern under Prof. Atul Bhargav, IIT Gandhinagar (May to June’ 13). This green energy based core project was intended towards improving the initial design of a low cost system which would help salt makers pump the brine into a salt farm with minimal manual effort. The main objective was to make an efficient and practically viable system in context of manufacturing, safety, price and other constraints.

Lastly, I have also worked with SharingDard.com wherein I was a virtual intern for them working on their social media. The website helps individuals vent out  feelings anonymously and feel better!



The Ahmedabad Blog: How did you approach SharingDard.com for an internship?
Akash Kumar: I came to know about SharingDard.com through a Google search only. One of my common friends then introduced me to the founders of SharingDard.com. I got to know that this venture is run by IIM Alumni and they are looking out for interns. I liked their purpose and the vast scale of the project as it stretches to the audience across the world. I was very keen to work with IIM Lucknow Management Graduates for gaining experience and knowledge. Also being a startup venture, there are ample opportunities to learn various aspects of a business. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: Can you explain what a virtual internship is and what was your role/responsibility as a virtual intern for SharingDard.com?
Akash Kumar: For me, I think this internship is as real as any other internship. Every task is defined and is achievable online. Plus, my constant interaction over email and phone with the founders enhances the experience. I have been working closely with them for about 2 months, assisting in social media engagement and content. I have engaged with a variety of people of different age, gender, feelings and experiences via posts and blogs on the ‘SharingDard.com’ website. My primary objective was to analyse the target market for the website and reach them through the use of social media and other channels. To ensure retention and engagement of users, I created content for blogs on the website signifying the core concept of the website in the context of various challenges and pressing societal issues. I am amazed to analyse how beautifully users interact with each other and share feelings and experiences. Users who had gone through rough times in life, understand better the situation of the ones who are going through and do suggest them valuable inputs. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: What was your learning from this internship?
Akash Kumar: So far, my journey as an intern has been very rich and fruitful, adding great learning from SharingDard team and users’ experiences. It has added a holistic perspective to my experience in the context of ideas, innovation, business strategies and entrepreneurship. I found that there is so much to learn from others’ experience. There are so many inspiring real life stories of how common people like each other and everyone takes a stand in their harsh time of life.

I would urge the readers of this blog also to explore both SharingDard.com and Your Candid Friend (www.yourcandidfriend.com)and help yourself and your known ones emotionally.

The Ahmedabad Blog: Your internship was very different from your core study area. So were you mentored by someone at SharingDard.com?
Akash Kumar: I have been always interested to learn something new from my core study area which would help me further in my career profile and beyond. And yes, I was mentored by Gaurav Rajan, Ritika Sharma, Sumant Gajbhiye who are the founders of SharingDard.com. I was given a clear project scope and guidelines by them. They were very friendly and were always willing to help and guide me with further direction whenever I needed.

The Ahmedabad Blog: Would you recommend others to take up virtual internships? If yes, why
Akash Kumar: Definitely, I would recommend others to explore their interests via projects or virtual internships. Although there are several factors which affect the scope of opportunities to gain experience, but it is clearly a nice way to add positive work experience.

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Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of TheAhmedabadBlog.com. She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

Article written by Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of TheAhmedabadBlog.com. She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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