A well groomed dog is a happy dog! | Photograph by: Bhagyawanti Solanki

Dog Spa: The new trend in pet grooming

Guest Author: Preet Kaur

Dog spa is designed for those who seek a lavish life for their beloved pets. Dog spa takes care of the dog’s health, nutrition and provides fun for your pet. It refers to both the cleaning of dogs and their hygienic care. It may also refer to the physique of the dog; dog spa would indeed mean an upgrade of physical appearance of the dog and enhancing the dog’s hygiene state.  Grooming the dog is an important part of dog care. The spa would pamper your pet depending on the breed, age, and health of the dog. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. It provides an affectionate and friendly environment which gives the dog an experience to cherish.

A well groomed dog is a happy dog! | Photograph by: Bhagyawanti Solanki

A well groomed dog is a happy dog! | Photograph by: Bhagyawanti Solanki

Since Ahmedabad is a dry city, humidity and dust are a common sight; the weather stays pleasant though the environment collects dust and smog particles that stick to the skin and hair which adds to the woes. The main reasons for daily grooming pf dogs would be to decrease chances of various health problems, starting with general cleanliness of the dog. Infestations would be invited regularly and the load of external parasites on the fur coat of the dog could lead to illnesses. This tragedy would get remedy by looking out for your dog and maybe sometimes giving the dog a pleasure of being a part of a spa, this would add up to the joy and end the problems of hygiene. More than just a spa, this place is meant for dogs to have a time of their life. This is a place where the dogs rule. Leave your worries at the door, as professionals will pamper your pooch with the gentlest of touches and the finest of spa! Planning a Dog Day at a spa? Try these places in Ahmedabad:

  1. Just dogs: C/O Your Pets Unleashed S R House 1st Floor, Near Nehrunagar Brts Bus Stop, Nehrunagar Satellite Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad – 380015 
  2. Just dogs Bopal: Opp Ambli BRTS stop, Bopal, Ahmedabad – 380058
  3. Pet Inn: GF/2, Vraj Vihaar – 7, Prahaladnagar Auda Lake, Alpha Bazaar Lane, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad – 380015  


These places offer  extensive grooming experiences that are tailored to individual breeds, and include everything from teeth and ear cleanings to nail trimmings and a custom haircut. We highly recommend you take your dog for atleast one such luxury experience! 

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