DIWALI ( Ye Kya Ho Gaya !!)


I am longing for the Diwali Vacations and this time it is a prolonged wait, perhaps everything is changing. When I was a kid, the after Navratri effect was the beginning of Diwali, the wait for Rockets, pistol, 555 and what not. I was one of those enthusiasts, who would go nuts on the mention of Diwali. But, now I hardly care.

But the times have changed drastically, now the usual fun sound of the bombs and other mini bombs have turned into unbearable high decibel noise which I can hardly stand. Have I grown up too early? Or have I become too boring? Or perhaps all this is in the mind and a fantastic Diwali awaits me. Guys, I know I may sound a bit exaggerating but I am not fascinated by Diwali anymore.

Ask yourself a question? Don’t you feel that assignments have taken the place of crackers, pre-diwali snacks are replaced by last minute Viva and exams, playing chor-police with the not so risky plastic pistol have been replaced by a formal “HAPPY DIWALI” text on whats app or Facebook? The Rangoli making sessions with my mother have vanished as I have no time for her. (I am not good at it anyways; I just used to stare at it blankly). Making Diwali cards for parents in school have been replaced by angry calls from professors in college. (LIFE IS CRUEL)

Guests don’t excite us anymore and we feel not so good in presence of their geeky kids who always have an A to show on their glorious marksheet and my dad has a disappointed yet expecting look on his face. The week long shopping fiesta with family has now been changed to the last minute Hoo-Ha shopping after the exams and diwali, which is just twenty four hours. (Misery)

I suppose the people have lost the excitement but they have to show some during the festival time, and that forced excitement is exposed in their greetings and the way they celebrate the grandest festival of the year. This is just the beginning and I am afraid if we ensue like this, then after a gap of some twenty thirty years there won’t be any Diwali vacations and I do pity the kids of 2050!

I kindly advice you people not to spend this festive season in a gloomy way and to go out and paint the town red. (Burst out literally) Stay connected to your loved ones and have a happy and risk free diwali. Do share your views on this one? I should not be the only one feeling this. Well if I am, then there is a major problem with me.






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