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Ditch the Workout: Join the Zumba Party

It is easy to spot health conscious Amdavadis. You will find them jogging at AUDA gardens, sweating it out at local gyms and drinking fresh juices on the roadside. But there is a new breed of Amdavadis who are ditching the mundane workout sessions and are joining the Zumba Party.

Zumba in Ahmedabad with Shruti
Zumba in Ahmedabad with Shruti

The Ahmedabad Blog connected with Shruti Trivedi, a Zumba instructor from Ahmedabad, to understand what exactly Zumba is and how enthusiastic Amdavadis are attending Zumba classes even on Sunday mornings!

What is Zumba?

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie burning dance fitness ‘party’ and it works for weight loss, weight management, fat loss and body toning. It takes the basic steps from Latin dance styles like the Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, Latin-pop, Reggaetton, Bachhata, Calypsio, Samba etc.  and merges a fitness formula to it.

What makes Zumba a great workout?

Zumba Fitness allows you to feel like you’re in a night club instead of an exercise class using all the basic fitness formulae. It uses great spicy Latin music and Latin dance styles blending  it with fitness. In Zumba, you work out from head to toe using muscles. In abroad all gyms have Zumba programs. Its tagline ‘Party Yourself into Shape’ explains the reason for its popularity. It works on the concept of intermittent training, i.e. a fast paced song that takes your heart rate racing which increases your stamina, followed by a slow paced song breaking you into a sweat, toning your muscles and burning more fat. With Zumba one can lose weight and tone up rather quickly that too in a fun way.

In a typical Zumba class of one hour you can burn about 700-1000 calories. You come out of a Zumba fitness class with a lot more energy, with a bag full of ‘stress out of your system’ and most importantly with a smile.

What motivated you to take up Zumba? How did you come to learn about Zumba?

I have always been an `A’ Grade student! So as the story of Farhan in the movie 3 Idiots, I was supposed to take up science and pursue engineering. I took up engineering but the magic was missing!

Eventually, I got into depression the very first semester and lost myself in the abyss of agony/misery. I went through a phase with no friends, no aims, and no confidence. I couldn’t stand doing meaningless work anymore like copying assignments and attending lectures for the sake of attendance. Studying to pass exams was just not me.

To overcome all this, I joined the Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad which was the turning point of my life. It is there I decided that I wanted to become a dancer. Dancing gave me hope and new dreams. I wanted to become a Shiamak Instructor for which I would have to go to Mumbai which was not possible.

One day I got a call from a friend for the Zumba Instructorship Programme and that was it. After the program, I got my license and I decided to begin my journey as a Zumba Trainer on 10th of November in-spite of knowing I have exams from 27th of November!

What attracts you to Aapnu Amdavad?

What doesn’t? I was born in Surat, but it is in Ahmedabad that I found out why I am never leaving this city. Ahmedabad is full of talent and opportunities.

Do you think upcoming trainers like you in the field of dance, Zumba or any other form can only survive in mega cities like Delhi and Mumbai?

Delhi and Mumbai do have more opportunities for concepts like Zumba. But in a way they also have a surplus of instructors and classes. Whereas in Ahmedabad Zumba concept is relatively new.  Ahmedabad needs better classes and better instructors. That’s why I believe, stay where you are and make it happen!

It`s my dream to make the whole Ahmedabad dance on the tunes of Zumba, Hip-Hop and contemporary too!

Zumba sessions in Ahmedabad by Shruti Trivedi
Zumba sessions in Ahmedabad by Shruti Trivedi

Where can we learn Zumba in Ahmedabad?

I am all set to welcome all the fitness freaks and upcoming Zumbians (Zumba dancers/trainers) for fun-filled sessions of “Zumba with Shruti” at the Zeus Fitness Point (Drive-In branch), near Himalaya Mall.

Zumba sessions in Ahmedabad by Shruti Trivedi
Zumba sessions in Ahmedabad by Shruti Trivedi
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