Amdavadi Mantra: As long as the Music is playing, You have to get up & Dance

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Guest Author: Preet Kaur
Amdavadi Mantra: As long as the  Music is playing,  You have to get up & Dance

Amdavadi Mantra: As long as the Music is playing, You have to get up & Dance


Dance; can be considered as an art, a passion or a hobby. It is defined as a series of movement to a piece of music, though dancers may think of it as a mode to express themselves and convey messages. Dance is a path to connect to the audience and communicate through steps, themes and routines. It is a platform to present a story that showcases deep hidden emotions and thoughts.

The ritual to dance has been within the society since ancient civilization. It has evolved through years and has modified by the society; the different occasions where dances are performed has a purpose and recently it has become very common. Not only different occasions but with changing time, the evolution of dance has come up with a verity of dance forms that are in the limelight.

One of the most popular forms of dance is the contemporary dance. This dance had evolved in the twentieth century and is still developing. It is spread around the world and has attracted plenty of people to be a part of this community of dancing. It lures people by showing them the

Pirouette of the ballet position and the water-like swaying of the torso. It focuses on the technique, utilizes a lot of legwork and makes you build a strong attachment to the floor by falling, rolling and recovering!

Contemporary dance includes being flexible with focusing on yoga and Pilates. The contemporary style places a heavy emphasis on the connection between mind and body, which builds up a balance. This dance encourages one to explore emotions against the traditional boundaries, and helps express through dance!

This boundless dance can be learned in Ahmedabad as well, the famous Shamak Davar brings in workshops and progressive classes giving one extensive exercise. Shamak Davar packages exercise, choreography, techniques and adds expression to the moves!

Another great option would be to grove some steps in the Terence Lewis academy of dance that gives training to enhance dancing skills!

Adding to the list, the well known spin academy also conducts batches to spread the art of dance into all age groups; it presents new steps and makes you equipped on body movement…



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