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    kashvi Reply

    Interested in Dogs. Want more information about Ahmedabad Dog show on 6th jan 2013


    R. Sir,
    I am born and bought from Ahmedabad, my business location is near Opp. side of mira cinema, Mu. mini stall, Nr. slum Quaters, mira – millat nagar road, Pragatinagar Road Bhairav nath, Maninagar Ahd,
    comlain is :
    1) A drainage squre for rain water. fully coverd through sand and dust and dump. It is situted at Irsad Electronics 5 – 6 Mu. mini stalls, slum qter, mira cinema, (same complain We complain on dt 08.10.13 slip no 513228 Muster station personly regd comlain, )
    2) A heavy dust gether on road side, ven vehicle passing dust throwing in air, A worker is not present daily / fix time.
    We need solution – plz clear a dust from drainage hole for rain water, also clear dust from road side at left side getherd from long month, clear it as soon possible earliest,
    1st complain 09/11/13 at 09.24 am, token 1113125124. call recvd from AMC ofcer 11.11.13, 8.22am cell no 8401553315, said workers are not present they will continue there wrk from today, so will clear as soon possible. SMS recvd 12.11.13 at 10.40 am , complain closed reason not fully adress. again call on 155303 to in4m result , at 10.42 am, dt.12.11.13 . call come from muster 10.55 am (tele no.079-25450240) officers says it is complain of health dept, plz write to health and in4m clearly . msg recvd 12.11.13 at 04.37pm dt 12.11.13complain closed ,But till no any result recived or no any steps taken from any one. So, do needfull steps for solve D prob,
    Devendra Desai,
    91 9898 5354 87

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