Are you tired from the jostle of the city life?  Well, then here’s a group of nature enthusiasts headed by Vipul Ramanuj and his team who will take you to a fun filled journey of fun, excitement, thrill and adventure along with the most important knowledge of nature which the hi-tech schools can’t preach you. Exactly, I am talking about “Bike N Hike” , an outdoor and wilderness initiative.

The workshops conducted by “Bike N Hike” have excited me a lot and I am personally willing to take some time off for an adventure with them.  They cater to various activities in Wildlife conservation, Education and outreach, through wilderness programs across many contemporaries. With specialized theme based workshops on Herpetology, Birding, Nature Photography, Surveys, Life Skills and Corporate Outbound Training, Bike N Hike is committed to share and explore the wealth of knowledge that nature offers. From children to grown-ups, amateurs to professionals, they have amazing workshops and experiences for everyone. The main aim is to learn from the experiences of nature and “Let nature be our teacher”.

These workshops are designed keeping in mind the scientific aspects of wildlife biology and ecology about the species as well as natural habitat. It is also a platform for connecting like minded people with nature and community through science, art, literature and study of the natural world and its conservation.

Bike N  Hike believes in Leave no trace code of ethics and their workshops are scientific, stimulating, action oriented yet fun to attend. The main aim of the workshops are to create a win-win situation for both the applicants and the community. As a part of Bike N Hike’s constant outreach, they have designed special Birding & Photography workshops to observe, admire and photograph the beautiful winter visitors of Gujarat. Their endeavor through conducting such workshops is to sensitize people and make them aware of the amazing habitat Gujarat offers these feathered friends. During these workshops they not only focus on making images but also learn basic tips & techniques from experts for using the camera in different field conditions for an optimum outcome.

The workshops are conducted by the founder of Bike N Hike, Vipul Ramanuj. He has worked with on various wildlife research and conservation projects including Radio Telemetry on King Cobras and number of surveys on herpetofauna. Apart from being a Herpetologist, he also is a well acclaimed wildlife photographer with images and records of never before captured images of various species he has been able to support wildlife conservation through various avenues. Vipul sums up Bike N Hike’s ideology as, “A change, in the way we look at the world. A change, in the way we give back to the world and A change, in the way we conserve the eco-system of which we are an integral part”.

If you are a nature lover and want to spend some time in the lap of nature , then contact “Bike N Hike” soon. Ahmedabad needs this, I need this . Well done “Bike N Hike”.














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