Choice Snack Bar Ahmedabad

 Choice Snack Bar is one of the iconic places on C.G. Road, which have remained the same over the years. C.G. Road has seen the best of the glorious days and has seen the not so good days as well. But the Choice Snack Bar is one place which is always busy with foodies from 9.00AM to 11.00 PM.

 The menu has not evolved much over the years and has stuck to the classics that everyone loves – Chinese, Fast Food, Pizza, Street Food and South Indian food. The menu is entirely vegetarian and the loyalists at this snack bar can vouch that the flavors are the same even after so many years!

 There are a lot of delicious things to try on the menu like the French fries, Chinese bhel, sev puri, grilled sandwich etc. But if there is one thing that Amdavadis swear by, it is the thin crust Italian pizza. It is nothing like the pizza the Italians prepared, but trust me, when you eat this pizza with the oodles of sprinkled cheese on top, you will forget all other pizzas that you have eaten till date.

 For most people, it is the natural ‘go to’ place when nothing else comes to mind or even the best place to home deliver food from.








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