The CEPT has its own campus of about 9 acres of land situated near the Gujarat University, Navrangpura area. Besides, the campus has about 10 ha of land nearby the existing campus for the future expansion. It offers undergraduate and post graduate degree programs in Natural and Built Environment. The aim of CEPT University is to impart higher education in technology and developmental sciences to students.


Several programmes like graduates and postgraduates in Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Sociology, Economics and Geography pursue a degree in planning. Different centres are also developed like Centre for Sustainable Environment & Energy, Excellence in Urban Transport, Industrial Area Planning & Management, Urban Equity, Sustainable Cities, Communication & Holistic Development, Training & Development, Climate Change Adaptation & Resource Centre Conservation Studies, Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), Centre for Research, Development and Consultancy.


Its laboratory is equipped with sophisticated optical instruments such as procam, high magnification enlargers, large format optical enlarger, and optical reflecting projector. It is also equipped with light tables, stereoscopes, and various other instruments for interpreting aerial photographs and satellite images. The library has approximately 50,000 books related to urban and regional planning, environmental planning and design, housing, infrastructure, architecture, civil engineering, visual arts, humanities, etc and during academic session, library is open for 82 hours per week.


CEPT has a vibrant cultural wing. These cultural events range from the nine nights of Garba with vibrant colour & dance, to Roots – the annual college festival where all talent is unleashed. Rock concerts, workshops on Classical dance & Salsa, Film shows provide the much awaited break from a rigorous academic schedule. There is an active sports wing which encourages participation in various intra & inters college tournaments.


The planning students have been training with the companies that are as diverse as the class itself. They included Colliers, DHI Water and Environment Pvt Ltd, Ernst & Young, Halcrow, IL&FS IDC, JLLM, Lea Associates, Louis Berger, Mayfair, Mott Macdonald, PDCOR, TERI, Wilbur Smith, WWF, GTZ, ASCI, RITES, GIDB, GUDC, HUDCO, MMRDA, NIO, AUDA, CIDCO and several other companies.








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