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Celebrating the Spirit of Appreciation at Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad

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There is a reason why Marriott features each year amongst the top ten Best Places to Work in India- the company takes the engagement level of associates to a new level. This was more than evident at the Associate Appreciation Week held at Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad in the month of May.

The Associate Appreciation Week (AAW) is held every year across all Marriott hotels in the world to salute the incessant dedication of their employees who are called ‘associates.’ Courtyard Marriott Ahmedabad commemorated this Week between 20th and 24th May, dedicating each day to a lot of hustle- bustle and excitement.

The first day of AAW was kicked off with the hotel’s leadership team including the General Manager giving all associates a hearty welcome at the entrance complete with a dhol playing traditional Gujarati beats. This was followed by a Gujarati themed lunch in The Gameplan- the associate cafeteria.

To encourage a spirit of competition, all associates were divided into 4 different houses starting from the second day. Called the Cultural Day, all houses represented different cultures through a fancy dress competition which was a riot of colors as people dressed up to represent different parts of India. This was followed by a singing competition which required participants to sing a song in a vernacular language. The same day also saw a Bombay Street theme in the cafeteria celebrated with spicy vada paos, pani puris, masala bhaath and shrikhand.

The third day celebrated one of Marriott’s most treasured ideals- Spirit to Serve the Community that inspired the attitude of giving in all. A blood donation camp was organized in association with the Red Cross Society and the hotel invited women from an aanganwadi to spend time over hi tea. This day was also celebrated as Family Day wherein associates invited their family members to enjoy an antakshari competition. The Gameplan on this day was alive with the Hyderabadi theme complete with sumptuous biryanis, an anarkali performance and nawabi getups. 

The fourth day being Sports Day instilled a rush of adrenaline in all with cricket and table tennis matches followed by a banana eating competition between the four houses. Punjabi cuisine being the theme of the day saw the cafeteria don a rustic look with charpoy seating, haystacks and lively music.

An oriental theme lunch in the cafeteria and a gala stage night culminated the Week. A high energy performance by the leadership team, a dance competition and a fashion show were just some of the highlights of this evening.

The Associate Appreciation Week left a renewed spirit of enthusiasm amongst all the employees at Courtyard Marriott Ahmedabad. It not only broke barriers between different departments of the hotel but also united everyone in a spirit of healthy competition, leaving them eagerly anticipating AAW next year!

Associate Appreciation Week held at Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad
Associate Appreciation Week held at Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad


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