CCTV cameras installed in Ahmedabad

CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad

Do you utilize public spaces for private acts? Do you spend some alone time with your girlfriend or boyfriend at popular gardens in Ahmedabad? Do you break traffic rules often? Then beware Amdavadis… Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is here to put a stop to all your acts of fun. No more “acts of love” at gardens, no more speeding the bike in red light and no more hit and run cases. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has started installing close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras across the city at public gardens, hospitals and bus stops.


CCTV cameras installed in Ahmedabad

CCTV cameras installed in Ahmedabad


If you think you can escape the cameras, then you are mistaken. There is no place for you to hide now. More than 500 CCTV cameras will be installed at public spaces. If you are breaking the traffic rules, then be careful of the 186 cameras that will be installed at 84 traffic junctions in Ahmedabad. Even the BRTS routes will have 102 cameras.


There are many reasons why CCTV cameras will benefit Ahmedabad. Few of them are listed below:

  • CCTV helps keep a surveillance of public spaces
  • CCTV cameras increase the security level in the city by helping in investigation of criminal activity.
  • CCTV helps monitor waterlogging in the rainy season.
  • Vehicle speed detection cameras i.e. CCTV cameras that detect over speeding vehicles will be useful to catch traffic rules offenders. Anyone who jumps the signal or over speeds in the city will be recorded on the cameras and will be tracked down and penalized. There is no escaping traffic police now!


There are many Amdavadis who visit gardens to spend some private time with their lovers and this move by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation will surely disappoint them and make them angry. But the rest of us are proud of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for making Ahmedabad a safer place. 

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Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

Article written by Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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    New Vision Reply

    I think there are few places left that does not have some sort of surveillance system, big brother is always watching

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    Kelly | Dashsymons Systems Reply

    Good to know that some places are implementing CCTV systems for many reasons. Especially for Security purposes, it prevents crimes like theft, help police identifies burglars.

    Anna Reply

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

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