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CourseKart – engage, share and learn anytime, anywhere

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Supplementary learning beyond the four walls of a school classroom is a common sight in Ahmedabad. But when someone offers the coaching segment a cloud based ecosystem, you can expect a revolution in the education sector. We are talking about CourseKart, a website that encourages collaborative learning among students and instructors. Ahmedabad based ...

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CCTV cameras in Ahmedabad

CCTV cameras installed in Ahmedabad

Do you utilize public spaces for private acts? Do you spend some alone time with your girlfriend or boyfriend at popular gardens in Ahmedabad? Do you break traffic rules often? Then beware Amdavadis… Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is here to put a stop to all your acts of fun. No more ...

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BRTS Ahmedabad Android Application

  Ahmedabad BRTS or as it is popularly known as – Janmarg is a bus rapid system, developed by the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board, that has changed the face of public transport in Ahmedabad. With the increase in fuel prices every week, more and more people are using the BRTS ...

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Motif Charity Walk Ahmedabad(2013)

If you visit Parimal Garden, AUDA Garden or any popular garden in the morning, you will find Amdavadis sweating it out in the morning sun whilst burning the calories from the meal last night. It’s these morning walkers that have made walking a popular culture in the Ahmedabad. And since ...

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Ahmedabad Rising

   Ahmedabad Rising is part of a global movement called ONE BILLION RISING that is mobilizing men and women in over 140 countries to demand and end violence against women and girls. 1 in 3 women will experience violence in her lifetime, leaving a staggering statistic that over 1 billion ...

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