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Ahmedabad in Numbers

Census 2011

We all love Ahmedabad and never fail to boast about the greatness of this city. We all feel pretty damn euphoric that we live in a city, which no matter what, will always lift our spirits and give us reasons to live here forever. But do we know Ahmedabad in ...

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Butterflies in Stomach

The wedding day is the day when everyone hovers around the bride. Ask her many questions. All she has in response is a beautiful smile. A beautiful and peaceful smile. But no man can judge that the rounds of high and low tides keep moving inside her. The bride has ...

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India Panics – Acid Attacks!

Such a pity on moral values it is. In the country where a woman is considered to be the implicit of goddess Lakshmi, she is not free to choose a life for her own. Every day she has to face the challenges of physical assault, harassments, violence, acid attacks, emotional ...

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The soft early morning rays of the sun smiled sarcastically through the window on the grim faces of the father and son, sitting on the breakfast table. They both sat across the table avoiding eye contact or conversation. Veer had made up his mind, to earn it for himself if ...

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Guest Author: Monica Chhatwani India – the country that boasts of its rich culture its values and all the ‘Sanskar’ that it takes pride in, wherein goddesses are worshiped as the destroyers of all evil; the land of legendary women like Rani Lakshmibai, the country with not one but many powerful ...

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