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Best golf courses in Ahmedabad

Top Golf Courses in Ahmedabad

Going by the number of golf clubs being set up in Ahmedabad, it seems the game is set to emerge as a mass sport of sorts and shed its ‘elite’ tag in the near future. Once a 'rich man's game', numerous recreation clubs and resorts have sniffed an opportunity in ...

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Best Spas in Ahmedabad

Best Spas of Ahmedabad

Just like we can't live without good food, relaxation too is important for us. Some Amdavadis pamper themselves with salon treatments, while some hit the spa. Spas are a great way to relax, recharge, detox, soothe winter skin and feel refreshed! Can't decide the best spa for you? Need to locate ...

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Help-Portrait Ahmedabad 2013

Help-Portrait Ahmedabad 2013: The signage being put up

“Happiness is like perfume: You can't give it away without getting a little on yourself.” ~ Anonymous.  Help-Portrait is a community of photographers coming together across the world to use their photography skills to give back to their local community. The overall idea of Help-Portrait is simple to implement. Photographers and ...

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Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi

Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi: A Gujju comedy film

Urban Gujarati films are definitely a trend that we are seeing in Ahmedabad. Filmmakers are now trying to experiment with different genres within the scope of urban films.  Gujarati film 'Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi' is exactly that. Based on the concept of homosexuality, Koi Ne Kehsho Nahi is a 'Gujju comedy film' directed by Dinesh ...

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