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Exclusive Interview: CakeHunt.com

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Don't we all love surprises? Especially if it is on our birthday? Imagine, the clock strikes 12.00 and your door bell rings. A birthday cake from your favorite bakery is delivered to you! Doesn't it sound like the best birthday ever? Well, alot of Amdavadis are experiencing this awesome start ...

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Food Review: Bombay Street Cafe

Bombay Street Cafe - The best of street food from Mumbai

We Amdavadis have always craved for delicacies that please our senses forgetting our health all together. And that's why Amdavad is one of the most coveted cities for street food. And when it comes to straight-from-the-tava food, then our mind stops at one name: Law Garden. Nestled in one of the ...

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Dessert Trends in Ahmedabad

Investigating the Dessert Trends in Ahmedabad

I’m not a vegetarian! I’m a dessertarian! ~ Bill Watterson The Popular Dessert Places in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad has turned into a paradise for dessert lovers or 'dessertarians' as we like to call them. In the last one year, Ahmedabad has seen a sudden rise in cafes, bakeries and F&B outlets that ...

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Doughnut Festival at Hyatt Ahmedabad

Doughnuts at Chocolárt, Hyatt Ahmedabad | Life is good, Donuts make it even better!

Cupcakes may have taken over Ahmedabad, but there are many out there who crave for something even more fulfilling. We are talking about sinful doughnuts that are both - snack and dessert at the same time! A hot fresh doughnut will simply melt in your mouth and the best part ...

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Buttercupp – A Cupcake Shoppe

Buttercupp - A Cupcake Shoppe at Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Cupcake sales are soaring in Ahmedabad. Everyone, from professional bakers to home cooks, has been busy crafting colorful frosted creations not just for birthdays and baby showers but also for anniversaries, weddings and Indian festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali etc. Owning a cupcakery is an entrepreneurial fantasy for many and one couple ...

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