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Food Trail in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has experienced a massive transformation in its infrastructure (read flyovers), shopping zones and civic amenities. However, these cosmetic changes have been unable to alter the food culture of the city in any manner. The cuisines have expanded for sure with amazing choices for those who are gastronomically-inclined, whether it ...

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Restaurant Review: Fresh Roast

Fresh Roast is a restaurant situated on the busy Paldi cross roads. The moment, you enter in, you will forget that you are in Ahmedabad. Surrounded by lush green trees, plants, and a fountain – Fresh roast is a perfect for cozy and romantic dinners. The restaurant owner explains Fresh Roast ...

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The Sweet Story of ‘Piece of Cake’

Food startups are thriving in Ahmedabad and there are more entrepreneurs are joining this league. And mind it, this trend is not limited to youngsters alone. Meet Mrs. Poonam Gopalani, founder of ‘Piece of Cake’ who started her entrepreneurial journey at 50! From gaining the necessary skillsets to taking professional ...

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