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The owner of this rocking place Dhawal Karia was enjoying a Chinese dish and a Hollywood movie in his cafe when Dhruvil and i went to interview him. He ordered cold coffees for us and started his discussion .
Dhawal has a passion for adventure travel and mountaineering expeditions. He has done many unconventional road trips; one of them was trip to Ladakh, riding through the highest mountain range in the world. He also organizes the road trips to Mount Abu, Night Safari and other exciting places which entice the young generation to try out something different.
Inspired from nature, he came up with an idea to open up an adventurous cafe in Ahmedabad. This place is one of its own kind, and offers delicious food, especially Chinese cuisine and Pizza style sandwiches which are quite famous. It also conducts DJ parties, morover one can enjoy their favourite movies at large screen on projector. A cool place to hangout with friends and acquaintances.

In our short interview with Dhawal, we asked him about what would he like to say to the youth of Ahmedabad. He said ‘The youth of Ahmedabad,or in particular the youth doesn’t know where it is heading,what their goal in life is. They are just followers and not trendsetters.He advised the youth to set new boundaries,step out of their comfort zone and do something adventurous and fun. He moreover added that, the youth should decide their target first and then totally focus on their goal to achieve it.”

When asked about the ahmedabad blog. He added ‘ I think it’s quite brave of you people to do something like this and this is what i want the youth to be like. I will help you in anything and everything you want’

Dhawal and his Cafe Rocks !!!






Article contribution : Karan Tulsani







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