Butterflies in Stomach

The wedding day is the day when everyone hovers around the bride. Ask her many questions. All she has in response is a beautiful smile. A beautiful and peaceful smile. But no man can judge that the rounds of high and low tides keep moving inside her.

The bride has a feeling of mixed emotions as she knows she is going to enter a new world, a new life and going to be with the man of his dreams, she is happy and excited.

At the same time one can never listen to those sobs which are coming to her with the thought of being separated from her almighty parents!

She knows that she is going to be happy with her new family (this is what every girl expects) at the same time she knows her parents are going to be heartbroken because they cannot be with her anymore, they know they cannot take any more decisions regarding her. As they know they are donating their lifetime treasure (the daughter) to somebody, this is what is termed as “Kanyadaan”.

She has assumed the hollowness which her mother is going to feel without her. She knows her siblings will miss her and at the same time she is fascinated by the colorful things taking place around her.

She knows that she has to be firm, patient, soft, and adjusting in her new family. She is afraid to take the next step. But the feeling of sheer love from her better half is attracting her towards the whole marrying thing. She remembers her days in her parents’ home.

This is how she was brought up since childhood. That on some fine day, a man riding a white horse will come to take her to his realm. And she is happy the day is here!

The bride does not know how to react, how to behave, whether to be excited or to shed it all, to dance with joy or cry with demise, to be dreamy or to be zealous about the reality.

All she is having is the butterflies in her stomach!

Article Contribution : Tulika Singhal




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    Shantanu Bose Reply

    Tulika,Well done.You expressed the whole feeling very beautifully.I appreciate it.Keep it up.

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