Bursting 7 IIT Myths for JEE Aspirant

Bursting 7 IIT Myths for JEE Aspirant

Joint Entrance Exam, popularly known as JEE is scheduled to be held on April 15- 16, 2018. It is one of the toughest examinations of India and is divided in two parts- Main and Advanced. Around 12 lakh students apply for this exam every year, out of which approximately 2.2 lakh students are shortlisted for the second round. Keeping in mind the previous trends, this year too, 35,000 to 36,000 students will be awarded ranks on the basis of their score in JEE Advanced 2018, making them eligible for admissions in different IITs.


Bursting 7 IIT Myths for JEE Aspirant

Getting admission in one of the IITs is like a dream come true for any JEE aspirants. Indian Institute of Technology have built its reputation as the most sought after engineering institute in the country. While it is true that they are the best institutes for B.Tech education in India, there are many other colleges providing high quality education to its students and have also maintained good placement records over the years. The hype over IIT has been underestimating such institutes for many years.

Many myths related to IITs have been surfacing the education sector and are religiously believed by JEE aspirants. It’s high time, that such myths are busted and exposed to all those concerned. Below is a list of top 7 myths floating about Indian Institute of Technology.

Magazine rankings decide that IITs are the best

Every year, certain magazines allot points to different colleges on the basis of campus, academics and extracurricular activities. Based on these points, they rank the institutes for ‘helping’ students. Truth be told, these magazines do not conduct any studies to give these rankings. The rankings are often affected by various private institutes willing to pay hefty cash in order to promote their colleges. The lists are often biased towards particular IITs which means that they would not rank some specific IIT above the others. It is advisable to not believe in any such rankings and instead do your own research before applying.

Placements in IITs are more than 100%

It is a widespread myth that the number of companies visiting IITs for recruitment are even more than the number of students in a batch. However, even the topmost branches cannot assure placement of every single student.

Placement of a student entirely depends on his/her ability. A capable student will get placed no matter where he finishes his graduation from.

Extreme pressure in IITs keep students away from non-academic activities

A general belief about the curriculum of IITs is that the students are put under extreme pressure and have to work day and night to be able to finish assignments and prepare for exams. This again is a myth.

The pressure on the students is slightly more than on students of other colleges. But this is because students at IITs are believed to be more skilled than other college students. However, the pressure is never more than what a student cannot handle. Enough time is given for non-academic activities and innovative courses.

Different IITs specialise in different subjects

Certain IITs have research facilities better than other institutes for particular fields. However, this does not imply that it affects the teaching mechanisms for those subjects. Every IIT is equally good when it comes to their B.Tech studies. It is only a myth that while one IIT is good at one subject, others are not. It is advisable for the aspirants to get in touch with the alumnus of different IITs to understand which branch to choose from.

Only the top rankers in JEE stand a chance for a good future

Ranks achieved by the students in the examination only help them with the admission process. Students with higher ranks are taken by the top IITs. Once students join their colleges, their ranks do not matter. A lot of students who were not able to secure a good rank at first, ended up with more successful job offers. Recruitment is based on the performance of the candidates throughout the four years of their graduation as well as their skill sets.

Being good at maths will help the students in grades

The syllabus for graduation is very different from what a student studies in his/ her school life. It is not wise to choose your stream based on your current aptitude as it may not continue to be the same for the next 4 years. Instead, one should make a decision on the basis of his/ her interest, after understanding all the subjects.

Boys and girls prefer their partners to be from IITs

This is by far the funniest myth taking rounds among aspirants. It is assumed that the students who are able to crack JEE have a better chance at wooing the opposite gender. What is forgotten is that those who crack this examination have dedicated their entire 2 years to studies and have kept themselves limited to the social world. It is certainly not appealing to talk about chemical reactions, nuclear physics and mathematical equations on the first date.

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The Ahmedabad Blog team is made up of geek bloggers, professional and newbie photographers, not-so serious interns, friendly designers and a whole lotta love for Ahmedabad!

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