• Who hasn’t seen and praised the grey colored, orange stripped buses running in the middle of the streets of Ahmedabad city commonly known as Janmarg! BRTS since its inception to date is attracting a lot of international as well as attention. Cheap, user-friendly and growing popularly among Ahmedabadis’, this dream of Chief Minister Narendra Modi has bagged many national and international awards such as Best Mass Rapid Transit System in India 2009. Now it has also attracted United Nations (UN) as one of the best rapid transport system on the planet; it’s not because the UN is inclined to the facilities, stats or anything else but United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) a body of UN which works for environment and awards them projects that either help check greenhouse gas emission or help people adapt environment friendly lifestyle and also benefit the urban poor is selected for the award and well yes, BRTS has changed a much in lifestyle of Ahmedababadis’ by encouraging use of public transport and helping city reduce a lot of carbon footprints.
  • The AMC Commissioner G. Mohapatra said to Mirror “Our BRTS has been chosen for its environment friendly concept. The key criteria for the selection are the effective execution of the project and its potential of replication in other countries and communities.”
  • UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon shall award Momentum for Change Initiative award to Mohpatra on 9th December in Doha’s Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha along with 9 other projects selected from across the world under the “Lighthouse Activities”.
  • Well next time when you travel in BRTS, feel proud to be an Ahmedabadi!
Article Contribution : Vishal Kamlani







Photography courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati





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