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Brown & Happy

They say, “Life without Chocolate, is no life at all.” If you were a true chocolate lover, you too would agree with this statement and head straight to Brown & Happy near Mithakali cross roads to indulge in a date with chocolate. One step into this paradise and you will feel exactly how the kids in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory felt when they walked into that room full of edible treats.

Brown & Happy is started as a niche place serving exquisite chocolates in intelligent flavors. Their chocolate lives up to the brand name – they are in all shades of brown and they definitely make the customer happy. Brown & Happy now also serves cakes, croissants, pastas, mini subs and poppers.  With over 116 products which includes 77 chocolate variants ranging from Truffles, Pralines, Caramels to Fruit flavors of rose, lemon and not to forget Chilly chocolate, this place has a good mix of both classic and creative flavors.

Even though the store is tiny, it still is the best place to shop for chocolate. Perhaps one of the first things you might notice is the lovely chocolate fountain, which can be enjoyed with brownies, cakes, ice creams, wafer biscuits and fresh fruit! If you find the chocolates too tempting, you can even take them home or send chocolate gift boxes to friends and family.

If you weren’t a die-hard chocolate lover before – this place might just convert you.



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    Harlin Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    I had a very bad experience with Brown n Happy. I was out with my brother that is when I saw this new bakery store in town. Since it was Sunday evening I decided to Buy some walnut tea time cake. As I entered the store, the staff completely ignored me. I asked for assistance but was told tea time cakes are lying on the shelf and I can choose the favour. After 2-3 minutes I found 2 walnut tea cake lying there. They looked stale to me so I asked the guys out there about the expiry and stuff. They did not tell me anything more than’ aaj ka maal hai’. Just as I was getting my billing done I was that the cake had already expired the shelf life by 2 days. Now I was really mad! I asked for the owner and she came from a little kitchen inside. I explained her how the guys at her shop were selling me stale cake. I was expecting that she would scold the staff and apologize to me but she said’ agar aapko kuch chaheyeh nahe toh time wase mat karo’. By now I lost my cool I told her-I would put this up on social pages and would ensure that people get to know how you treat your customers. She wasn’t bothered at all. She said ‘ Mai facebook pr nahe karna hai kar lo..tum mere kuch nahe bigad sakete..mere pass bahut corporate orders aate hai’. Minal(Owner) was right, they are not active on Social Pages. In such a case if a customer has to put a review than these review sites are the only platform. Whoever is reading this review my take is : “-2”. They sell stale cakes and the service is pathetic. Hope this was helpful

    Anushree Reply

    I second to your experience.
    I cant even share what had happen to us.

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