Daaku products: Unique packaging

Brand Interview: Daaku – Loud and Clear

A brand name is the heart and soul of any business. It speaks about the products, service and the overall brand persona. As a customer, if you came across a brand named “Daaku”, what would be your perception about it? What if we told you that this brand was conceived in Ahmedabad? Curious, aren’t you?

“Daaku” is a mobile accessory brand developed by Ahmedabad based entrepreneur Nikhil Patel. When we spoke to Nikhil regarding his entrepreneurial journey, he shared his story of how it all began over a cutting chai at Parimal garden somewhere in November-December 2012. He had just quit his job and was thinking about what to do next. He had a few offers at hand but after a long and interesting chat with a few friends he decided to take the route of entrepreneurship.


Here are excerpts of our interview with Nikhil Patel and a sneak peek into what “Daaku” is all about:

Give us a brief about Daaku and your product line

Daaku is a brand involved in business of Mobile/Laptop/Tablet accessorize. It was started in December 2012 with a simple motto, to provide best in class product to end user. Though we currently do import products, we would love to buy them from India. We at Daaku believe that we as a country have all the raw materials to outdo any other developed nation. All our products are packed in Indian handicrafts. It is wonderful to see the stuff you can do with our local artist and materials. All the designs on our cases are sourced from local kalakar’s. We try to put as much India as we can in all our products and intend to take the same International. We take great pride being first 100% Indian company foraying into this field. Under Daaku we sell In-Ear-Headsets, Over the Ear Headphones and Mobile cases. The pricing of these products starts from 500 INR and go upto 2000 INR.

Daaku products: Ear Bombs

Daaku products: Ear Bombs

Daaku - Products :  Ear Guns

Daaku – Products : Ear Guns

Why did you choose the name Daaku? 

We actually loved the name Mafia, but it was taken. While brainstorming we thought of different other names that will suit our products.  We had already finalized two product names Ear Guns and Ear Bomb which were Earphones and Headphones respectively but we were unable to link it with a brand name. We also wanted our logos and rest of stuff in Hindi. We had a tag line “Loud and Clear” associated with our products, eventually we came up with Daaku. The name not only goes with everything but also puts up us in a different league.

Daaku - Loud and Clear

Daaku – Loud and Clear

How is your brand different or unique compared to other brands in this segment?

There is no way to compare good sounding products with bad one’s because every device has a different output. What we did is that we have put up an open challenge for our Earphones and Headphones. If someone can get a better product ( in terms of bass and vocals) in the same price range as ours, we will give our product for free. Our cases are designed in Calcutta and have a very unique USP attached to them in terms of designs. We have spent a lot of money and time on packaging. We extensively use Jute, Glass, Sand, Wood and Velvet to pack our products. A lot of companies do not think about packaging while selling. At Daaku we think it is one of the most important aspects of modern business. 

Daaku products: Unique packaging

Daaku products: Unique packaging

Daaku products: Unique packaging

Daaku products: Unique packaging

Daaku products: Unique packaging

Daaku products: Unique packaging

Why did you decide to sell online and not open a store in Ahmedabad? 

Initially we did sell to some local retailers and we still do. Online gives us a wider reach. 

Any challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur? 

A lot of them. We live in India; it is a part of starting any new business. It took us a few months just to get all the licenses in place. Importing stuff is equally challenging. You face all this even before you start the business; once you start selling you face the real music. Wouldn’t it be a challenge to sell something named DAAKU? Any field you enter there will be players who have been here for ages. You got to trust your product and market it in a right way. India still has a lot of room to fit many companies in all departments. Consumers are yet to receive 100% of their rupee spent.

In any business most important part is supply and demand. If both of them are perfect you have nothing else to worry about.

What are your future plans? Are you planning to expand your product category?

Yes, we will soon be launching sub INR 500 Earphones and new line of cases. We are also looking to sell internationally. UK and USA are on verge of starting. We are just looking to expand both in terms of line of products and places we sell. 

How can Amdavadis buy your products? 

Currently they will have to use online which is the best way to get products to your home. They can also order on Facebook or email us and we do deliver in Ahmedabad.

Daaku products: Available on Flipkart.com

Daaku products: Available on Flipkart.com

One tip for Amdavadi entrepreneurs

Not one but a few- Do follow your dreams because very less people in this world get to do that. Research a lot. Have patience and be content. A lot of good ventures get closed because Indian entrepreneurs want to become successful overnight, which doesn’t happen with everyone.  


Thanks Nikhil! Wishing the team of Daaku  a successful journey which is as loud as their Ear Bomb headphones! 

If you are planning to buy headphones or earphones, do give Daaku a try and let us know your feedback! 



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Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of TheAhmedabadBlog.com. She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

Article written by Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of TheAhmedabadBlog.com. She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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