Blizzards of Rock, Think Floyd and Soulmate at IIMA Chaos Day 2 (2012-13)


The second day of IIMA Chaos was again a hit, and it just added the required spark to the hangover of Gaurav Dagaonkar’s Synchronicity and dynamic dance performances by some of the premiere institutes.

Well, the day started with some of the small yet interesting activities like Paper Weaving .The event’s main aim was to give a twist to the ancient art form of weaving. The participants had to use paper strips instead of yarns to develop beautiful, colourful and intricate patterns. This was one such event, where creativity was at peak. These events were followed by a series of creative events like Potpourri and Caricature sketching with scripts.

Later in the day, the entire focus was shifted on Blizzards of Rock; IIMA’s all time favourite event. As many as seven bands from the country across several genres of music like rock, metal, punk, jazz and blues set the battlefield of Asia’s Biggest B-School on fire. Ahmedabad’s very own Decayed Souls were set back by the absence of their lead vocalist.

The winner of the prestigious BOR (Blizzards of Rock) title were Sycorax which is a pure metal band, there is no room for softness in their heart, that’s the way they play. The best vocalist was Trivinesh from Sycorax itself and the best instrumentalist was from Red Blues (Surat) who were also the finalists of the BOR competition.

As the sun set down and the rumours of the world’s end was over, came a soothing event. Think Floyd, a Delhi Based band were the ones who opened for Soulmate.  Pink Floyd were the pioneers of psychedelic music and Think Floyd is a tribute to them. There members included Abhishek Mathur( Guitar and Vocals), Anindo Bose (Keyboard and Vocals) , Aveleon Vaz (Drums), Chayan Adhikari ( Guitar and Vocals), Chintan Kalra ( Bass and Vocals),  Rohit Kulkarni ( Guitar and Vocals), Abhay Sharma ( Saxophone).

My personal favourite were Abhishek’s vocals, and Rohit’s play with the Saxophone. The Ahmedabad Blog team got a chance to meet them after the performance, and they were quite overwhelmed to see the response from the crowd. They performed some of the Pink Floyd Classics like ‘We don’t need no Education’, ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, ‘Time’, ‘Money’ and a few more.

The final performance of the evening was Soulmate, the Blues of India. They are said to reignite the blues culture in India. Soulmate is a band of Shillong, the best in business.

By this, the second day of IIMA Chaos came to a rocking end thanks to Blizzards of Rock, Think Floyd and Soulmate. Ahmedabad Don’t miss the action, be there to witness the atmosphere.












Photographs Courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati






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