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Entrepreneurs don’t just wish, they actually turn dreams into action.  That’s exactly what CA Jainee Gordhandas did when she dreamed of owning her own business whist she was still a CA student in Ahmedabad. She launched a used car portal, which is now India’s largest used car network.

The Ahmedabad Blog had the honor of connecting with her to understand the venture and her ideas on entrepreneurship.

The Ahmedabad Blog: How did the idea of come up? 
Jainee Gordhandas: India did not have and still does not have a pan-India organized market structure for the used car business. That is where the business idea behind germinated.

In the year 2000, used car business with the domain name of was launched by us.  It appeared that the said domain was region-centric and dealers in Delhi, Chennai etc. found no interest in regionally focused business. So, a new brand was identified and website was redeveloped and relaunched in February 2009.

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The Ahmedabad Blog: Tell us about the whole concept of What is the objective of the website?
Jainee Gordhandas:
During the process of redeveloping the Automobile website, a detailed market survey was carried out among the users, used car dealers and analysis of contemporary automobile websites and following facts emerged:

  1. There were more than 1000 Automobile websites in India, but most of them were dormant and even not updated.
  2. Most of the websites focused on car models and features that too not regularly updated.
  3. None had sufficient used car inventory. Some pretended to have stocks but when one approached them, they were not able to substantiate their claims. The users were interested in mainly the below mentioned things:
  • Large number of used car inventory to choose from
  • Transparent process of searching used cars
  • Comparative analysis of various makes and models
  • Genuine reviews
  • Automobile sector news and news about new launches

Accordingly, our ultimate focus became: Stocks, Stocks, Stocks.


The Ahmedabad Blog: Since you are based out of Ahmedabad, any used car trends you see that are specific to Ahmedabad?
Jainee Gordhandas: As we are aware, Ahmedabad has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit as well as a majority of the people are engaged in their own business. As a result, the city is very prosperous. The same is reflected in the used car market also. The demand for luxury used cars is more compared to smaller cars. In spite of the economic slowdown, only a marginal decline has been seen in the demand for the luxury sedans and SUVs.


The Ahmedabad Blog: What are the challenges you faced? How has your journey been so far?

Jainee Gordhandas: The biggest challenge so far is the limited use of the internet and internet accessibility amongst the used car dealers. Used car market in India is unbelievably huge (more than 20000 dealers across India). Out of these, only a handful of dealers keep inventory in excess of 30 vehicles. Another irony is that very few used car dealers can operate the internet and post their inventory themselves. Hence, we came to realize that only an online model will not work in a country like India if we want to have a Pan-India network. So, we also developed a supporting offline franchise network. Currently, we have tie-up with more than 10000 dealers across India who send their inventory to us and the same is updated on the website with their complete contact details.
Also, in keeping with the times, we have launched BigGaddi Android App which is also hugely successful. People have now accepted internet and mobile as a way of getting information and transacting and so it has become easier for set-ups like us.


The Ahmedabad Blog: One reason why people should visit your website.

Jainee Gordhandas: BigGaddi offers the A-Z of the Automobile world. We have spent almost 1 year in designing the website and putting all features and information that an automobile enthusiast would be interested in.

Our USP is buy-requirement posting which is an unique feature only at All the websites offer a search facility for the buyers, but what if you have a requirement for a vehicle which is currently not available on the website?? Suppose, a person in Bangalore requires a Gypsy, which is not available on any site or a person in Noida, required a two-door Toyota Supra. These buy requirements can be posted on by the user and even used car dealers. A person wishing to sell these cars can easily contact you.


The Ahmedabad Blog: Why did you decide to set up your business from Ahmedabad?

Jainee Gordhandas: Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, I have completed my CA here. I started this venture while I was still studying for CA. I come from a business family and my father helped me develop and set-up the website and its operations. Also, Ahmedabad is a city which is open to new ventures and ideas. The used car dealers here also gave me great support in my initial days and helped me improve the service provided.


The Ahmedabad Blog: One tip for young Amdavadi entrepreneurs

Jainee Gordhandas: “Never think of money…Do the right thing, the money will come.”~ Rai Bahadur M.S. Oberoi. At, we have followed this advice since Day 1 and that is the reason we have the largest number of Used Car Dealers with us, huge stocks in most of the cities (compared to all other used car websites) & a top-notch Google Rank.


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Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

Article written by Hemal Mehta

Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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