Bhadra Fort Ahmedabad

If there is one place that truly reflects the history of Ahmedabad, then it is Bhadra Fort. In 1411 AD, the then ruler – Sultan Ahmed Shah, laid the foundation of this city with the construction of this historical fort. The entire of the old city of Ahmedabad was within the huge deep red sandstone walls of this massive fort. Back then; the fort is believed to have 14 minars, 8 gates and 2 large openings and the total area of this fort was about 43 acres.

 One of the gates of this fort is called the Lal Darwaja. The famous temple of Bhadrakali Goddess is right outside this gate as it is here that the kinds in the olden days would go to worship before heading for a war. Another gate of the fort is called Teen Darwaza as it has three arched gates. This was built to provide an entrance to the Bhadra Fort and was the access area into the Royal Square, or Maidan Shahi, where royal processions and polo games took place. Today, the fort is no longer in the strong state as it used to be in its glory days.

 Islamic architecture is showcased at its best across the construction of this fort. The intricate arches, carved balconies and detailed latticework are admirable. The arches in the fort bear Islamic inscriptions.  The fort has a number of magnificent buildings and you can visit the posh rooms belonging to the kings, the dark dungeons, the imperial court and other halls as well.

 Toady, the fort is in very sorrow state but there are plans to restore the splendid grandeur of this 600-year-old fort. At present, it houses some very important government offices such as Archaeology Survey of India, Post office etc. Tourists can visit this fort on any day of the week, but beware; the congested area and the queues of worshipers can be overwhelming for first time visitors!





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