Delightful morning walks in Ahmedabad

Best places for Morning Walks in Ahmedabad

Guest Author: Preet Kaur


Since the overwhelming monsoon has taken over the city, the pitter patter of the rains have filled happiness in the hearts of Amdavadis. Despite the water clogging, the rainy season has set an awe-inspiring atmosphere that has bought everything to life. The birds are chirpier  and the plants are greener. The rivers are filled again, and what better joy it is to get wet!


This season of cloudburst has sprinkled us with positive mood and gleaming energy. The best way to channelize this energy and to feel the essence of freshness is to go for a rejuvenating morning walk.  A morning walk not only freshens one’s mood and mind but also clears all the worries and thoughts that bother u.  The best thing about walking would be to connect to your inner self, get an opportunity to experience the nature or it could be the best time to listen to your favourite playlist while your muscles get their required work-out!

Delightful morning walks in Ahmedabad

Delightful morning walks in Ahmedabad



On the mention of morning walks, one should definitely visit one of the oldest, beautiful and nature friendly gardens; The Law Garden. This garden offers a large play area and around the play area are the huge round tracks to walk in. There are ponds and small areas with lush green grass; a perfect location for a picnic as well.


By the same token there is the Praladhnagar Auda Garden filled with adventure like walking on tracks that have tunnels and few hillocks situated around and the tracks. You can find people exercising in the morning time and the treating their stomach with healthy snacks right around the corner. Other places for morning walks in Ahmedabad would be Parimal Garden with lush green surroundings and soothing water bodies’ with lotuses blooming in it. There is the Atira campus which is the oldest of the gardens that folds a thick green forest within itself; it would be a pleasurable walk around the fresh air coming straight from the flourishing greenery. Another lovely option would be to visit the newly built Sabarmati River front that has amazing views of the river and a well cemented ground to have a comfortable walk. 

Moreover, you can also explore walking on the streets as well due to almost zero traffic in the morning. What better way to start of your day with a revitalizing morning walk! 



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