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Barbeque Nation Ahmedabad

“Thrill of the Grill” is the best way to describe the food experience at Barbeque Nation. Confused? Well, let me explain. Every table at Barbeque Nation has an embedded grill, which is the highlight of a meal at this restaurant. The first course of the meal is the barbequed starters, which are bought to the table on skewers and added to the charcoal grill to allow it to cook to perfection. Guests are allowed to dab various marinades and condiments on their choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters to help it cook faster on the grill.

The restaurant serves 5 non-vegetarian and 5 vegetarian starters in every buffet service that includes some must have starters like the grilled fish, mushroom steak, paneer malai tikka, shammi kebab and prawns.

The mouth-watering starters are followed by an elaborate buffet spread. But considering how delicious the starters are especially when paired with the mocktails, most people skip the main course and head straight to the dessert section.

The ambience seems cozy and warm considering that the place is crowded on most days and the live charcoal grills make the atmosphere tad bit smoky. The live music adds to the over all feel of the place and makes you want to extend your meal for longer.

If you want to spend an evening in a concept-dining restaurant, Barbeque Nation on Drive in road is the place to be. Barbeque Nation is a great place for a meal with friends, but if you are there with children, you need to be careful around the grill. Be sure to go on an empty stomach with ample time at hand. This meal is going to long and divine!






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